“Niner” Auditions for Feature Length Independent Film

Casting Call for Actors and Actresses

"Niner" Feature Film Auditions

“Niner” is a crime drama to be filmed in Mt. Pleasant by Grant Pichla, whose previous work includes the award-winning short film, A New Mutant, and the action TV series, ’60. Casting for males and females of all ethnic backgrounds, ages 10-70. Crew of any position will be welcomed as well.

Auditions will be held in Moore Hall room 101 on Central Michigan University’s campus on either January 18th from 6pm-9pm, or January 19th from 1pm-5pm. Callbacks will be January 20th at 1pm in Moore 101. The screenplay was written by IMDB-credited Eric C. Dickson, and the film will be shot during the upcoming Spring semester.

Available Roles:

  • Carly Dennis (Female, age 22-36)
  • Abby Samms (Female, age 18-23)
  • Bobby Van Den Kemp (Male, age 25-44)
  • Trent Wise (Male, age 18-23)
  • Detective Martin Crowe (Male, age 27-55)
  • Detective Malcolm Dees (Male, age 27-55)
  • Attorney Laura Starkey (Female, age 23-36)
  • Captain Hal Drydek (Male, age 32-55)
  • Jason Ferrin (Male, age 22-35)
  • Justine Herrera (Female, age 20-35)
  • Dave “Mac” Macgruder (Male, age 26-40)
  • Officer Nick Diaz (Male, age 26-40)
  • Jonas Whalen (Male, age 21-37)
  • Calvin Gaines (Male, age 21-35)
  • Woodchuck Motel Manager (Male, age 35-70)
  • New Reporter (Female, age 21-35)
  • Scottie Perry (Male, age 18-35)
  • Zeke (Male, age 18-26)
  • Uncle Steve (Male, age 33-55)
  • Aunt Cynthia (Female, age 33-55)
  • T.J. (Male, age 18-30)



Monetary compensation will be provided for travel and food expenses (not including the auditions of course), but our small budget will not be able to afford to pay each actor once casted.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to Grant at: grantpichla@gmail.com

NOTE: Please come prepared with a 1-minute dramatic monologue to the audition.

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3 Responses to ““Niner” Auditions for Feature Length Independent Film”

  1. Grant Pichla says:

    Just to clarify, auditions are both January 18th from 6pm-9pm AND January 19th from 1pm-5pm in Moore Hall room 101 at Central Michigan University.

  2. Samantha says:

    So I was just curious if teens are allowed to audition? It says ages 10-70 but actors ages say 18. Thanks

  3. admin says:

    Samantha, we suggest in addition to your comment to send an email directly asking your question.

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