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“My Neighbor” Action / Crime / Thriller

Rhee & Sokolov Casting is currently taking inquiries for the upcoming indie film, “My Neighbor”. Filming locations include Ann Arbor, Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, MI and Chicago, IL.

Filming will take place in January of 2011 until March of 2011. This film will entered into the Toronto Inter. Film Festival (TIFF). Open Casting Call TBA Ann Arbor, Michigan. SAG and IATSE paperwork is currently processing, so both Union and Non-Union can apply if interested.


Candice is a young girl about to graduate the 4th grade, however after the loss of her father and her mother is laid-off her work, they move into an old broken down apartment in the city. Things go for the worst for Candice when the children at her new school begin to bully her, drug-dealers flood the streets… all but a lonely neighbor living next door, alone and often to himself. But when men in black suits and black sunglasses begin to come and go, what is next for Candice… and who really, really, is this lonely neighbor?

Available Roles:

  • Mrs. Peterson: Age Range: 35-50 Ht: 5’5 – 5’8 Ethnicity: Caucasian Mrs. Peterson is the elementary school teacher, teaching skills are a plus, but not required. Acting experience is a must, but not required.
    *Note: Fixed-Payment of $5000 for this role – 3 Days of Filming
  • Wiskey:Age Range: 21-30 Ht: 5’8 – 6’3 Ethnicity: African-American Wiskey is a local drug-dealer within the community, he also lives in the apartment and makes a racket every night selling drugs and playing loud music. Acting experience is required for this role. Firearms training is a plus, but not required. Use of physical language. Alcohol and Drug use, if you smoke, it is a plus.
    *Note: Compensation will be discussed.
  • Monica: Age Range: 16-18 Ht: 5’3-5’7 Ethnicity: Caucasian Monica is the baby sitter for Candice, after Candice’s mother leaves, she always talks on the phone and forgets entirely about Candice. Acting experience is not required but a plus. Use of physical language.
    *Note: Fixed-Payment of $5000 for this role – 3 Days of Filming
  • Choi:Age Range: 25-40 Ht: 5’3-5’9 Ethnicity: Asian Choi is a lazy neighbor living below Candice, not much is known about him but it seems he’s living day by day waiting to die. Physical Role and Acting experience is required for this role. Use of physical language, alcohol and drug use, if you smoke it will be a plus, but not required.
    *Note: Compensation will be discussed.
  • Candice’s neighbor: Age Range: 21-40 Ht: 5’4-6’1 Ethnicity: Any This is Candice’s neighbor that keeps only to himself, ignoring everybody in the world. Many things are not known about this neighbor, except that he consults with multiple men in suits driving fancy cars. This role requires extreme physical actions, both in fighting, combat, stunts and firearms. If you smoke, it is a plus but not required. Acting experience is required. This is a lead supporting role, non-union and union apply if interested. If you apply for this role and we have interest, you will be flown out to Los Angeles for a read through with the current cast, lodging and meals are provided.
    *Note: Compensation will be discussed.
  • Multiple Henchmen: Age Range: 18+ Ht: 5’3-6’3 Ethnicity: Any We are looking for about twenty henchmen, any age but this requires physical actions, combat, fighting, stunts and firearms. These henchman will be needed throughout the entire production. Acting is not required but a plus, alcohol and drug use, if you smoke it will be plus but not required. No henchman is required to drive, we have stunt drivers for that purpose. Anyone applying for henchman must be able to perform physical actions, you must look dangerous and feared. You are some of the bad guys in his film, you will use live firearms and multiple other weapons.
    *Note: Compensation is fixed at $800-1200 per day depending on experience and what you have done that day
  • Multiple Children: Age Range: 7-13 Ethnicity: Any We are looking for children to fill for schools, churches and street kids. No physical actions are required. We will have a play area for children while on set, however we will work with children according to the laws of children working on film productions that children can’t work at a curtain period of time.
    *Note: Compensation is fixed at $200-400 per day depending on experience and what you have done that day

Extras Extras Extras!

  • Extras: Age Range: 18+ Ethnicity: Any We will need extras, both on reserve and working! No Acting is required. Just show and listen to what needs to be done!
    *Note: Compensation is fixed at $9-13 per hour, including overtime.


All roles are paid work in regulations to SAG and IATSE rules, fixed payment for some roles as noted above. Extras are paid $9.00 per hour. Stand-ins are paid $15 per hour depends on experience, ext. Compensation is not defer.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming response to this casting many people received failure notices when trying to send emails. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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16 Responses to ““My Neighbor” Casting Call – Rhee & Sokolov Casting”

  1. jennifer Bakka says:

    sent in the info!!

  2. Steve Alvarado says:

    I sent my info, when will you be contacting people?

  3. Patricia Cissell says:

    I have sent in my info.


  4. Wendel Millstead says:

    Could you please elaborate on how many days of shooting would be involved if I auditioned to play one of the henchmen ? I have a “day job”, but would be very interested in trying out for your project if scheduling allowed. I would invite you to look me up on IMDB so that you could review my qualifications.

    Wendel Millstead

  5. Walter Lee says:

    hey Iam interested in being in this project please call me Walter at 586 468 4726 and 586 464 7894.my photo is on facebook

  6. Walter Lee says:

    hey Iam interested in being in this project please call me Walter at 586 468 4726 and 586 464 7894.my photo is on facebook. i have acting exp as extras and speaking parts films and plays.

  7. Mehreen Virk says:

    I am applying for the extras role. I’m 23 years old, female, have acting experience, and will be available everyday all day until January 9, 2011. I am 5’4″ and weigh 110 lbs. I have medium length black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. My ethnicity is Middle Eastern.

  8. Madison DeClercq says:

    Hello! I am interested in one of the children roles. I was wondering when and where do the children have to film at?

  9. Vicki Collins says:

    If you need a makeup artist, I am available.

  10. Joseph Patrick says:

    Hello, I have submitted my info. Thanks again!

  11. Joseph Patrick says:

    I am also interested in the Wiskey role.

  12. jerry says:

    hi is this email the correct one it doesnt seem to be working for me. can you repost it on the comments please

  13. admin says:

    The email is correct. It is our guess that due to the holiday weekend the email box is full with attachments.

    Just wait a day or so and try to resend your email again. Also, try and keep the size of the attachments you send to a minimum.

  14. Lauren Primeau says:

    I am very interested in the role of Monica. I have had stand-in and extra experience in the past. My email is lauren_primeau@yahoo.com. I am willing to try out as well, but if you would touch base with me, I would really appreciate it!


  15. Felicia Nathan says:

    Hi my name is Felicia Nathan,and I was interested in playing a role in the movie “My Neighbor”. Acting is a dream I really want to come true and playing a role in this movie would be my first step, thanks for the opportunity. felicianathan48@yahoo.com

  16. Bob Lamb says:

    Hi Jeff,

    My name is Bob Lamb and I would love to be a henchmen in your movie.

    I’m 6 foot tall and 215 lbs. I am currently a professional model, with over 15 years of experience. I’m very proficient in firearms, having hunted and used guns all my life. Also, experienced with military style weapons. In very good shape, (I am also a personal trainer), so fight scenes would be easy for me to do. I have been an extra on Nash Bridges, in Independent film, and have done TV commercials. I do more rugged/outdoors type of modeling jobs. With a slight beard I look the henchmen part.

    You can contact me at boblamb@charter.net. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Bob Lamb

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