“Mutual Death” Casting Call for Actors & Film Crew (Lansing, MI)

Casting Actors for Independent Film

Casting actors for a independent short film, “Mutual Death”. Filming is scheduled for May, 2011 in Eaton County, MI.


Rob, a young and promising businessman’s life has been turned even more upside down after losing his girlfriend and set-up as a criminal who laundered money through his company. He has no reason left to live, his family is all dead and longtime girlfriend gone. He wants to die, but cannot do it himself. He makes a habit of going to the bar to drink with his buddy, Lenny. To Rob’s surprise, he soon finds out that Lenny is a hitman. He asks his friend to do the job for him. Lenny refuses, then realizes he has his own plans that fall along with Rob’s. This sets off a series off events that lead up to a twisted ending.

Available Roles:

  • LENNY: Aged 30’s-50. Middle sized build. Best friend and drinking buddy of Rob’s. He is also a hitman. He is a drunk for his own reasons, but comes off as a cheery man. He has a dark past and is actually a very sentimental guy.
  • BARTENDER: Aged mid to late 20’s and up
  • JEN: Aged 18 on up. Strictly voice over, not seen on camera. Rob’s ex. Very bossy and demanding. Had Rob set-up for laundering and sent to jail, yet is constantly calling him for help with his old job.
  • NEWSREPORTER: Male or female, at least 18 years or older, strictly voice over, not seen on camera.
  • MICHAEL: Aged 30’s-50. Middle sized build. Detective that has been on the hunt for Lenny for a long time.
  • OFFICER: Aged 20 on up. Slender to mid build. Clean cut look.
  • KYLE: Aged 10-12. Male, any size or build. Rob’s little brother who is actually still alive.
  • TWO HITMEN: Aged 20’s-30’s. Any look and size.
  • EXTRAS: Aged 30’s on up. Male and female. Needed to fill bar scene with people.

Crew Positions:

  • Also looking for film crew.  People to hold lights, bounce boards, sound equipment, etc.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

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