Music Score Needed for Movie / Film (Milford, MI)

Attention Local Michigan Musicians!

Looking for musicians for music score, sound effects, for a movie in Milford, MI.
Classical instrumentals preferred.

Please contact: David at

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  1. Rebecca Allor says:

    Is this for acting or do you have to have music talent? Please explain more. And ages you are looking for. I live in Milford

  2. Marshall Lally says:

    I’m finding hard to sell my musical skills over a quick comment section, to be honest. My Larrive’e 6 string has been my best friend for the past 10 years, and I have recently fallen in love with the Ukulele. Amazing things can happen with a Line 6, Guitar, and a Ukulele… Get back to me please…

    Marshall Lally

  3. Danny Ramsey says:


    Take your project all the way with a custom written soundtrack. I can create and sync lush orchestral scores, tense gritty soundtracks, exotic soundscapes, wild sound effects, world sounds, acoustic, moody, action, si-fi, drama, , horror, epic themes, and hybrid whatever! I can take your film to it’s highest level. I have an extensive sound library and play several instruments – and a broad background as a songwriter. I own a great commercial studio here in Nashville Tn. and have access to some of the top musicians in the world available at very low prices. On low budget projects I do everything myself or maybe bring in one, two, or a few other players; whatever it takes to make the tracks all they can be! Owning the studio allows me total creative freedom and the ability to rival big budget studios. I am able to produce almost any style or sound imaginable. My rates are affordable and I can work with almost any budget. You could hire a Composer, an arraigner, an orchestra with guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, etc., a studio, an engineer, a producer and so on….. or you could hire me! Ideas pour from me,. I have worked as a full time engineer in Nashville for over 12 years; prior to that I was a mastering engineer for Phillips records which was Polygram, Polydor, Mercury, Casablanca, Disney and many more. I have 3 diplomas in Audio Engineering. I am capable of writing, performing recording, mixing and mastering many different styles of music on a worldclass level. In 06 and 07 I did 176 tracks for the HBO_CINEMAX show “The Erotic Traveler”.13 epsiodes, one in India, one in Egypt, 1920’s Paris, an American Indian Reservation, Mexico, modern day N.Y. City and so on …it aired 4 times on all 4 Cinemax channels worldwide. Last year I scored a 90 min TV Pilot for Freemantel/Kalidescope starring Fred Williamson and Chris Gann called “The Canyon Rangers” featuring lots of “Action” tracks, Modern Western, Road House Rock and Drama.Also “Gun Town” a horror film shot in Ky. featuring a twisted bluegrass/western soundtrack and “Past Perfect” a Twlight Zoneish short directed by Caroline Ingrassia.In 08 I scored “Dead Doggs” all hip hop jazz and urban, an Aids Prevention film to be shown in high schools. Presently doing tracks for the”Maybe Next Time” TV Pilot. Whatever your budget I will blow your mind at what I can do for you.I’m not just in it to score films, I want to win some awards! Soundtrack examples are under “demos” on the my space site.

    Thank You! Danny Ramsey

  4. Raw Rhythm says:

    I am a music producer. I cover all genres with ease. I welcome the opportunity to let you hear some of my tracks. My studio is in Pontiac.

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