Motion Picture Jobs (Atlanta, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan)


Executive Producers and Sponsors for a International Feature Film

We are hiring: Producer’s, Marketer’s, P.A., Promotions and Actors/Actresses
Production begins September with a Star filled cast!!

The true story of Hayward Brown

Born and raised in the mean streets of Detroit, Young Hayward Brown came up a to make history! To some Hayward and his two partners, started a, act of being “Vigilante’s”, modern day Robin Hoods. Started on a crusade to fight drug’s, that has plagued the community of Detroit since the 60’s, which lead up to the traumatizing riot in 1967, which to this present date has yet to recoup from.

This trio of Vigilantes that vowed to clean the streets one drug house after another.

So they robbed from the Dealers and gave to the Poor!!

This was until after a mishap left them labeled MAD DOG KILLERS !!!

Drama and Mystery from beginning to end!!!
Call today: 404 552 3483

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