“McAllisters” Casting Final Role for Short Film

Wayne State University Student Film (Updated)

Casting one final role for the short film “McAllisters”. This is a short film produced by Wayne State students. We are shooting October 26th, 27th, 28th and November 4th entirely at night in the Detroit area. We have had trouble finding an actress to fill this role, so we are on a time crunch.


The story of “McAllisters” is about a conman who is so good at what he does that by the end of his dinner at this small diner, he has the owner of the diner thinking that he is coning the conman. Along the story the con mans young protegé attempts to rip off the head conman.

Available Roles:

  • Grace McAllister: (Female, age 25-35) Grace is college educated and helps her husband run the diner that has been in his family for 2 generations. She is a smart girl but a bit naive and comes off as being very innocent. She has the girl next door demeanor and is very friendly.


This is an unpaid gig since I am a student and operating on a very limited budget.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshots and resume to: et8210@wayne.edu

NOTE: Auditions will be by appointment and will take place on the Wayne State University campus. We are able to set up auditions around your schedule or via Skype.

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