“Masks” Call for Open Auditions! (Royal Oak, MI)

“If you really knew me, would you still love me”?

Masks the Play

Open auditions are being held for a new play in Royal Oak, MI. The show is sure to generate a lot of publicity and attention and thus experienced, polished, and dedicated actors and actresses are needed from ages 11-60. See the below descriptions of each part. Those selected to be in this show will have an opportunity to be a part of a ground-breaking project, and thus,real talent and dedication is needed.

Audition Details:

When: Wednesday March 14th and Thursday March 15th (6:00pm-9:00pm). Callbacks Saturday March 17th (1:00pm-3:00pm)
Where: Royal Oak Missionary Church 411 E. 11 Mile Road Royal Oak, MI 48067
Performance Dates: June 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2012

About the Play:

“Masks” is a cutting-edge, full-length drama about the “show” people are forced to put on to be accepted by others. The show deals with controversial topics such as homosexuality, infidelity, suicide, abuse, and social and religious intolerance. It is an original script written by Royal Oak Missionary Church’s pastor, who is also a published author and has previously written and directed several shows.

One of the primary purposes of the show is to “humanize” the GLBT community in the eyes of Christians, and also to “humanize” more conservative Christians to the GLBT community.It will also deal frankly with sexual issues that will be of relevance to any single or married heterosexual person. It will literally mark one of the only instances in the country where an Evangelical church is taking on such an endeavor. For viewers, the plot takes many twists and turns and will challenge most all who see it. Proceeds of the show will be donated to the cause of preventing teen suicide.

Available Roles:

Principal Characters:

  • Alex: Late 20’s/early 30’s. Church youth pastor. Well liked, friendly, loving. Closet-homosexual. Conflicted and tortured behind his sunny demeanor.
  • Gregory Wallace: Late 40’s to early 50’s. Successful businessman.Involved church and community member. Charming.Outgoing. “Political.” Devoted husband and father. And secretly engaged in multiple affairs.
  • Rebecca Wallace: Late 40’s to early 50’s. Greg’s wife. Successful doctor. Devoted wife and mother. More conservative and reserved, but still strong and opinionated. Suspicious of her husband’s infidelities.Purportedly very “morally upright” but infidelity secrets of her own.
  • David Wallace: Must be able to look 15. Greg and Rebecca’s son. Frustrated with “phoniness” of parents. Very close to his youth pastor, Alex, but not in any inappropriate way.Does not know of his parents’ or youth pastor’s secrets.
  • Ashley Wallace: Must be able to look 16-17. More reserved than David. Shy. Inwardly bitter towards her family. Dealing with depression,cutting, and other “closeted” but frequent teenage issues.
  • John: Late 40’s to early 50’s. Alex’s overseer at the church. Strict. Stern. Authoritarian. Very anti-gay. Can feign sincerity and compassion when he needs to given the circumstances. Complicated past. Carries the “secret” of being a victim of clerical sexual abuse as a child.
  • Steven: Early to mid 20’s. Homosexual character, but not “stereotypical.” Angry and resentful towards Christians. Later becomes conflicted in his own mind due to his own intolerance towards others.
  • Cheryl/Secretary: Late 30’s to early 50’s. John’s secretary. Protective over Alex. Listens to John’s orders but also has the ability to both frustrate him and get him to open up.
  • Alice: Alex’s mother. Late 40’s to late 50’s. Hurt. Angry. Dignified. Confronts John due to his treatment of Alex in two scenes, and after the fallout of a major and tragic confrontation.

Supporting (But Key) Roles:

  • Young Alex: Must be able to look 11-13. Jr. Higher.Flashback scene. Subtly mentions to his father his attraction for other boys and is berated.
  • Alex Sr.: Late 30’s to early 40’s. Stern. Enraged upon hearing of his son’s subtle suggestion that he is noticing other boys.
  • Young John: 11-13. Altar boy for “Father Jerry.” Obedient to the priest, but scared.Sexual abuse directly suggested and implied.
  • Father Jerry: Mid 40’s to late 50’s. Seemingly pious. Soft-spoken. Manipulative. Predator.
  • Jim: Mid 40’s to early 60’s. Greg’s boss. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Appears only in second scene where Greg is being elevated during a company celebration for his promotion.
  • Tracey: Early to mid 20’s. Greg’s mistress. Confronted by Rebecca in a key scene. Downcast, ashamed, embarrassed.

Brief Speaking Roles:

  • Todd: (Young Adult) Work-out partner of Steven. Several lines. Dismissive and antagonistic towards Christians.
  • Bobby and Chris: Both teenagers the same age as David. Friends of David. Also in Alex’s youth group.
  • 4-5 Teen Girls: High school age. Brief scene with Ashley at youth group. All shy girls.
  • Tammy/Leader: Late 20’s to early 40’s. Ashley and above girls female small group leader. Attempting to lead girls in “serious” discussion about fluff issues, and taken aback when something serious comes up.
  • Crowd: Need several individuals for “crowd” scenes, a couple of which have a line or two.

Other Needs:

  • Stage Manager: The stage manager will assist the director and record all blocking and assist in other ways consistent with the roles of a traditional stage manager. This will be a significant time commitment.
  • Promotional Team: We will be raising awareness through this show in part through advertising for the production’s program by soliciting sponsors. We could use volunteers to help with this support raising. 2/3rds of all proceeds will be donated to a teen suicide prevention organization.
  • Crew: While this show will not have a complicated set or costume arrangement, some set crew will be necessary.


Casted actors and actresses will not be paid. This is a volunteer show for the love of art, a form of community awareness, and a significant project that will be rewarding for you and the community. It will, however, enhance the resumes of aspiring artists.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in auditioning, please email Bill at: auditions@maskstheplay.org

NOTE: Do NOT email your audition form, but bring it with you on the audition day. On your audition applications, put down the roles you are interested in auditioning for, or put “Any”. Please give prior theatre experience in your explanation. However, less experienced and first time actors and actresses are still encouraged to audition if you are interested.


  • You must fill out an audition application before or upon arriving at the audition.
  • You must also bring, attached to your audition sheet, a recent headshot or photograph (Does not have to be a professional photograph)
  • You must live within a 30 minute radius of downtown Royal Oak. Exceptions will be made only in the case of the most dedicated and talented exceptions.
  • Due to the serious subject matter, minors auditioning under the age of 18 must have signed parental permission slip upon acceptance of their part, to make their acceptance complete.

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