“Margarine Wars” Extras Casting Call for Comedy Film

Casting Tons of Extras for Feature Film

Margarine Wars

“Margarine Wars”, a hilarious new comedy from DB Rich Productions, is inspired by insipid laws, which really did exist. They are casting lots of extras for a shoot that begins filming this May in Michigan! Locations include Richmond, Armada, Memphis and Detroit. “Margarine Wars” stars Doris Roberts, Robert Loggia, Ron G and Ellen Muth.


Howard Schmear, a self-centered wannabe hippie New Yorker of African and Jewish descent, is on a pilgrimage to make a new life for himself in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco during 1967’s ‘Summer of Love’. On a back country road in dairy-rich Wisconsin, his 1960s VW bus has a problem that will cost more money then he has. He discovers it’s a felony to sell or distribute margarine anywhere in Wisconsin but people are willing to pay good money to get it. So Howard is determined to become the drug under-lord/black market king of margarine in that area of Wisconsin to make the money needed to fix his bus and get on with his journey.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying as an extra please email your headshots and resume to: Contact_Us@MargarineWars.com

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7 Responses to ““Margarine Wars” Extras Casting Call for Comedy Film”

  1. Tom Trusco says:

    Am interested in being an extra.

  2. Tom Trusco says:

    Am interested in being an extra.Have done 8 shoots in other films.

  3. Donna LaBrecque says:

    I’ve been in one movie as an “extra” and have acted in Plays.

  4. Norine Marsh says:

    Looking forward to being an extra in this film.

  5. Michael Stephen Bryant says:

    That is a website and not an email adress.

  6. admin says:


    You are missing the @ symbol. The email address is the correct.

  7. Raymond Johnson says:

    im interested in being an extra

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