“Margarine Wars” Movie Needs 1960’s Vehicles (Richmond, MI)

“Margarine Wars” Casting

Margarine Wars

The movie “Margarine Wars” will be shooting in Richmond in May 2011 and producers are looking for vehicles for the film. Margarine Wars stars Doris Roberts, Robert Loggia, Ron G and Ellen Muth.


Howard Schmear, a self-centered wannabe hippie New Yorker of African and Jewish descent, is on a pilgrimage to make a new life for himself in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco during 1967’s ‘Summer of Love’. On a back country road in dairy-rich Wisconsin, his 1960s VW bus has a problem that will cost more money then he has. He discovers it’s a felony to sell or distribute margarine anywhere in Wisconsin but people are willing to pay good money to get it. So Howard is determined to become the drug under-lord/black market king of margarine in that area of Wisconsin to make the money needed to fix his bus and get on with his journey.

Vehicles Needed:

  • 1960’s Greyhound Bus
  • 1960’s Black on White police vehicles
  • 1952 Buick Roadmaster
  • 1960-65 Split Window VW Bus. This looks like the typical hippie style flower power bus with painted peace signs and psychedelic motifs (we can paint it). It needs to run and should be well worn down to the rusted bumpers. Decent interior (we can dress)
  • Late 1950’s—Early 60’s farm truck. Logos to be painted on the side. The truck is used for deliveries of butter so the back needs to be covered and/or insulated but not necessarily refrigerated.
  • Everyday street vehicles—Mid 60’s Chevys, Fords and Chryslers. These should be average cars, not necessarily Gratiot Cruise-ready.

How to Apply:

If you would like to submit your vehicle for consideration please send an email to Bernadine Vida at: bernavida@ameritech.net

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  1. Mary Lewis says:

    We have a beautiful 1965 blue mustang hardtop. If you would like to use it for the movie margarine wars please contact us. We live in St. Clair county which is very close to where you are shooting the movie. Thank you. Mary Lewis, Algonac, Michigan.

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