Male Actor Supporting Role Casting for Student Film (Grand Rapids, MI)

Student Film Casting Call

We are casting a male actor for a supporting role in a student film. You will be playing Cal. A middle aged doctor who is the neighbor of Dom and Katie. He seems like the friendly typical neighbor, but he has much more than what meets the eye. Deep down, he is a slightly disturbed, sinister man.

We will need you October 22 (this Friday) through October 24 (this Sunday).


Dom and Katie live in a seemingly peaceful world, living a seemingly peaceful life, with seemingly peaceful neighbors. One day, Katie goes missing, Dom turns to his neighbor for support. Cal has lived across the street from Dom and Katie for years now, and his neighborly attitude has grown into an infatuation for Katie. Cal knows more than he lets on about Katies disappearance, and as Dom struggles with the loss of his wife and unborn child, he will soon come to realize that he and his family play a bigger part in the lives of others than he could possibly imagine.


This is not a paid role but you will get a copy of this DVD and an invite to the awesome wrap party and of course the premiere. Also, it will be great exposure because we will be submitting this film to many festivals around the state and nationally.

How to Apply:

Please email immediately if you are available and think you are capable of such an amazing character. Send you headshot and resume to:

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