“Machine Gun Preacher” Casting Call Starring Gerard Butler (Detroit, MI)

Michigan Casting Services – MCS

Michigan Casting Services is casting locals and extras for the Marc Forster Film, Machine Gun Preacher.  The film also stars Michelle Monaghan, and Michael Shannon.

Story Line:

The true story of Sam Childers (Gerard Butler), a former drug-dealing biker tough guy, who found GOD and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soilders.


[PAIGE (5 TO 7)] (F) 5 – 7, Caucasian, Sam and Lynn’s daughter. Loves her father but is often afraid of him. She desperately seeks his attention, plays a rhyming game with him and loves it when he reads to her. Yet, she also is familiar with all the signs of his building rage. SUPPORTING

[PAIGE (10 TO 12)] (F) 10 – 12, Caucasian, she is growing up and beginning to develop a life of her own in the absence of her father who is gone to Africa for long periods of time. She misses her father not being there for her and still enjoys it when he reads to her when he is home. But, with the love and support of her mother and grandmother, she is becoming more independent and making friends. SUPPORTING

[CONTRACTOR] (M) 40 – 59, Caucasian, strong, weathered face, heavyset or tall with a deep voice. Sam’s boss. He is shown as a kind man with good business sense. He helps Sam start his own construction company.

[BILL WALLACE] (M) 47 – 49, Caucasian, tan, gold jewelry – but not over the top. Car dealer who is only out to keep his family wealthy. [SHANNON WALLACE] (F) 47 – 49, Caucasian, perky, blonde hair from a bottle, stereotypical suburban housewife of Bill Wallace.

[SHAVED HEAD] (M) 30s, African-American, thin, mean, shaved head. Runs a crack house, which is robbed by Sam and Delane.

[DRIFTER] (M) Late 40s, American Indian, hitchhiker. Seems nice until he pulls a knife on Delane. Stunt experience a plus.

[PASTOR KRAUSE] (M) Caucasian, 40 – 60, charismatic, Evangelical Preacher at the church that Sam and Lynn attend. Baptizes Sam.

[CAR DEALER] (M) 40 – 60, Caucasian, all-business car dealer/conman, dealing with the dwindling economy, and knows he can get a deal on Sam’s motorcycle. No tan. Looks as though he spends most of his time indoors behind a desk.

[CO-WORKER] (F) 30s, Caucasian, a kind co-worker of Lynn’s at the canning plant.

[WOMAN] (F) 40s, any ethnicity, a desk worker at the local unemployment agency. She regrettably has to tell Sam that there are no jobs available.

[PAUL RELLING] (M) 40s, Caucasian, tall, came from South Africa to speak at Sam’s church about the horrible events unfolding in Africa. Speaks in a deep Afrikaner accent.

[CHURCH VOLUNTEER (SUE)] (F) 30 – 49, Caucasian, volunteer who takes care of the small children at the church founded by Sam and Lynn.

[CHURCH VOLUNTEER (BECCA)] (F) 30 – 59, Caucasian, volunteer who works in the office at the church founded by Sam and Lynn.

[CUSTOMS OFFICER] (M), 30s, any ethnicity, customs officer at the airport, surprised by Sam’s look.

[BANK MANAGER] (M), 40 – 49, Caucasian, manager of a bank in Pennsylvania. He is kind but to him the numbers are more important than Sam’s needs.

[PAIGE’S FRIEND] (F) 12, Caucasian, sweet, classmate of Paige’s whose only concern is an upcoming dance. Enjoys gossip.

[NEWSCASTER] (M or F) Delivers the news with authority and charisma

[BIKER] (M), 20 – 40, Caucasian, husky, bigoted, biker

[BEN HOBBES] (M) Late 40s, Caucasian, leather vested biker

[HOBBES’ DAUGHTER] (F) 12, Caucasian, Ben Hobbes’ daughter

[SHOP OWNER] (M) Caucasian, looks like he spends a lot of time behind the counter of the pawn shop he owns.


To apply for a role contact MichCasting@gmail.com.


These are fully paid positions

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37 Responses to ““Machine Gun Preacher” Casting Call Starring Gerard Butler (Detroit, MI)”

  1. Bill Herbster says:

    car dealer here…61 year old white male, can do the job…

  2. Penny Ellen Gibbs says:

    There is about 4 roles I would LOVE to audition for! I emailed my resume and headshot!

  3. Willie McDaniel says:

    Would love to audition for the role of newscaster.

  4. Tess Ervin says:

    I would LOVE to audition for the older Paige. I’m 12 years old with experience and can pass for younger or older! Getting my headshot done soon, so hopefully I can submit! :0) LOVE acting!!!

  5. Jennifer Behr says:

    I am very easy to work with, outgoing, versatile and passanite about everything I do. I would love to play the part of Shannan Wallace. I’m not quit as old as her character, but I really believe as soon as you meet me, you won’t be able to imagine anyone else for the part! I will also be sending a few pictures to MichCasting and really hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for your time.

    Jennifer Behr

  6. Christy Edwards says:

    I will be submitting myself for 4 roles I fit as well as my daughter for Paige, Paige’s friend and Hobbes’ daughter. We both have had leads in several independent films and are very experienced on set. Hope to hear from you!
    ~Christy Edwards

  7. Michelle Simasko says:

    I look like Meg Ryan before plastic surgery, am 41 years old, experienced film actress. “Try Again” is a short film that was a semi-finalist for On The Lot with Steven Spielberg directed by Denver Rochon.

  8. Lisa Stiles says:

    What a great opportunity!!!
    I am interested in auditioning for
    Shannon Wallace or
    Woman – Desk Worker at employment centre

  9. Tina Nassar says:

    Hello. Would love to be apart of this! I’m interested in the “woman” role age 40. Thanks!!

  10. Sandra Happel says:

    There was someone who was at my home inquiring about using it in this movie. The information was intercepted by my X-husband who was opposed to the idea. I did not recieve any contact information about the possibility and was wondering if anyone could tell me who to contact to see if they are still interested in using my home as a location. Please email me @ slhappel@oaklandcc.edu.


  11. Cierra Winn says:

    I would be interested in three roles . Paige , Paige’s friend and Hobbes daughter.
    I will be sending in pictures ,and as soon as you see me at the auditions
    you will automatically know i’m right for this movie !

  12. Allie Reed says:

    are extras needed for this movie?

  13. JJ says:

    I would like to audition for the part of newscaster
    I had emailed but didn’t hear anything back and was wondering if anyone else received any information about the audition

  14. Kris says:

    I would love to be a part of this film – such a great story and ongoing effort.

    Becca sounds like me – I’ve worked in an office environment for over 20 years – I think I know the routine she would require.


  15. Claudia Rauhut says:

    I would be honored to be part of this movie.

    Since I lived in Africa, I do love the people and the continent.
    Africa is in my heart.

    And as a ministers wife, well, I know how everyday in a church looks like.

    Thank you for this Casting Call.

    Love to hear from you! Did send you an email with pics.

  16. Claudia Rauhut says:


    Danke fuer Ihren Mut, Marc Forster!

    Er wird belohnt sein.

  17. Anita Irons says:

    I would love to be considered for Sue (Church Volunteer), Woman in Employment office, or newscaster. I have done 4 films as well as commercial and print work in Detroit.
    Please let me know who to send my resume and pics to. This sounds like a great movie and I am hoping for the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you!

  18. Ivan l. Yount says:

    Hi, I am interested in being cast as the contractor. I have a very deep strong voice and a weathered face from years of construction work. I worked in the construction field all my life. I played in a movie years ago called On The Yard. My wife and I were on the Celebrity Charity Ride last year (June, 2009) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and met Sam Childers. My photograph is on the Tony Urban Photography website. I am the one standing with the American flag. We were very inspired by his mission to rescue these children. I would be interested in auditioning for this movie. It would be an honor to work on this project. Thank you for considering me. Ivan L. Yount.

  19. Stephanie Brewer says:

    I am interested in being an extra or “background” person in scenes for this movie.

  20. Seanna Johnson says:

    I am definately interested in being an extra or being any part of this film.

  21. Bryan Neal says:

    I have never acted on stage before
    I’ve never even studied the art of acting

    However…I own a “real life” re-sale store in Metro Detroit and “yes” I spend a lot of time behind the counter.Too much. Let’s just say I relate to the pawning business.

    In fact, I sold quite a few pieces for the MGP set.

    I am interested in the role of “SHOP OWNER”….I live it.

    Thank you

  22. Gabriela says:

    Would like to audition for the older woman role. I would love to be part of this project, Sam Childers is very inspirational. And I would love a chance to act!!

  23. R. Vance Kennedy says:

    I am open to whatever roles are available. I am a 44 year old male, 260 lbs and very tan.
    Thank you for your consideration – Vance

  24. Mimi Sagadin says:

    Desk worker or church volunteer here! I have had the opportunity to work with Marc Forster in the film “Stranger Than Fiction.” What an awesome director to work with!


    Mimi Sagadin

  25. Sarah Manfre says:

    I Live in Melvindale where the movie is partially being filmed and I would love to auditon to be an extra!

  26. Yvonne Kollmorgen says:

    I also live in Melvindale and would love to audition to be an extra in this movie. I am 40 years old, work in this wonderful city and have two young daughters ages 15 & 12 that have acting experience and would love to be a part of this!

  27. Angela Jennings says:

    I would love my daughter, Rebekah to audition for the role of Paige (age 5-7). She will 6 years old on July 9th. We live in Melvindale, MI. She loves being in the spotlight. She just won 2nd runner up in the “Little Miss Melvindale” pageant.


  28. Kim Nelski says:

    I’m new to all of this, but veeeery interested. When are auditions?

  29. Renee Czapla says:

    I may be a little late. If you would like more info on my oldest daughter (13) possibly, I will be more than willing to give it to you. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. Mary Lou Detz says:

    Hi ! I would like to try out for the part of the worker at the local unemployment agency. I am 46 years old and have blond hair and blue eyes. Please call me! I am really interested .

  31. Me says:

    Mary Lou Detz, the part has been cast. it’s on imdb already!

  32. Jeanette Rodriguez says:

    Hello, my name is jeanette, I am 29 years old, I am 5’8, light complexion,blonde hair, and brown eyes, I am very energetic, outgoing, and I have a great personality. I saw that there are quite a few cast openings, I really don’t have any preference in a particular role Im open to what ever you think my description matches, I would love the opportunity to audition for any role you might consider me for, I am available anytime if anyone wishes to contact me, Thank you in advance Jeanette Rodriguez

  33. Nubia Madrigal says:

    I am intrested in the role of the woman behind the desk at the local unemployment agency. In my current job, I work with customers day after day behind a desk. I am comfortable discussing concerns, making recommendations & at times have to give bad news after running a couple consumer reports. I’ve hold meetings & presentations in large groups of people in the past 10 years along with making tough mgt decisions that at times I hate to make but is required. I am Hispanic & live in Melvindale. I think I have what it takes to regrettably tell Sam that there are no jobs available.

  34. Carolyn says:

    [WOMAN] (F) 40s, any ethnicity, a desk worker at the local unemployment agency. She regrettably has to tell Sam that there are no jobs available.

    LOL Unemployed for 2.5 years.

  35. Brooke says:

    I would love to be in this movie I have little experience but I am a very hard worker and my dream has always been to become an actress. I am 13 but I could pass for 12. the two roles I would absolutly love to play would be Paiges friend or Ben Hobbes doughter. please consider me for these 2 parts!



  36. Soffía Sólveig Halldórsdóttir says:

    I’m a 21 year old Icelandic woman who’d love to act.
    I have very little experience but I’m enthusiastic and
    determinded. I assume I’d fit for the role of the newscaster.
    I speak english fluently and I have no icelandic accent,
    so that is no problem.

    My full name is Soffía Sólveig Halldórsdóttir.
    Age: 21 (born August 4th, 1989)
    Hight: 5ftfin – 165cm


    Soffía Sólveig H.

  37. Autumn Enos says:

    Hello, my name is Autumn, I am 35 years old, I am 5′5′”, light complexion, brown hair, and lovely green/blue eyes, I have acting experience both on stage and small screen. I am very energetic, outgoing, and I have a great personality. I saw that there are quite a few cast openings and I am open to any that my description matches. Thank you for this opportunity to audition for a role in this movie. Thank you in advance,
    Autumn Enos

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