Live Action TV Sitcom Pilot Open Casting Call (Lathrup Village, MI)

Suite 160 Digital Studios Child Actor Casting Call

Kathy Mckee Casting

Suite 160 Digital Studios plans an open casting call for a 30-minute, children’s television sitcom pilot and a series of safety videos. The casting call is being coordinated by Kathy McKee Casting.

Casting for leads, day players, and extras.

Cold reading
Must be athletic and able to dance.
The character age range is 14-18 , but actors can be older if they look 14 to 18.

Cast Breakdowns:

  • Jaguar KC (boy) Athletic -semi shy – great basketball player –cocky- whiz kid
  • Panther AJ (boy) slim body- ambitious-very cool sharp dresser
  • Cougar Tasha (girl) loves the color pink- feminine a girly-girl Sociable- friendly
  • Tiger Zeke (boy) funny –full of life-lively
  • Extras

When: Saturday June 12th 2PM to 6PM

Casting Location:

Casting Motor City Studio (Parking & enter in rear of building)
Lathrup Village, MI 48076


Call or email Kathy to schedule an audition time.
(248) 595-8660

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3 Responses to “Live Action TV Sitcom Pilot Open Casting Call (Lathrup Village, MI)”

  1. Lisa Walton says:

    Hello! How are you? I was watching the channel 2 news this morning. When I went on line I noticed that children had to be 14-18. Well my daughter is 12 years old but she can pass as an 14 year old. I believe that my daughter can be great for this part. I can be reached at 1-313-685-9444. her name is Lonnise Wade and her birthday is 03-23-1998. she’s waiting. Thank You! Lisa Walton

  2. Jacob Storms says:

    My name is Jacob Storms and I am 19-years-old. First off, sitcoms? I love them! I love the live audience, the character situations, & just the overall of a sitcom. I’ve done some videos using XL2 cameras so the quality is rather very good. I can be viewed on YouTube.
    “Thou Shall Not Bully” is the name of one of the videos I did. I surely hope you check it out. Again, I’d love to act in a sitcom and believe I could be very good due to my personality, experience in being in front of the cameras, and my overall passion for sitcoms.

    I do hope you take me seriously and will check me out on YouTube. Thanks again!


  3. Lakiya says:

    Hello, i Will like to run for the role of Tasha im turning 16 Next month so i believe the right age and i been acting for a while iv’e earned an acting certificate. I really Love pink. But i Will like to auditins for this So if i Can theres my mom E-Mail I would really Love to do This thank you

    Yours professionally,

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