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Casting actors for the film “Life: Without a Net”. This is the fifth film from Blended Planet Pictures, in production in July-October 2012 and scheduled for global Direct-to-DVD release by Bridgestone Multimedia in spring 2013. Shooting will take place in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 2-3 Weekends in July-August.


Mark Van Der Poole, his wife, and two teenagers all understand what being “connected” is all about : Twitter, Facebook, Cell Phones, iPads, GPS – their frantic lives are bound to gadgets too numerous to count!

This noisy backdrop turns suddenly into awkward silence when a mysterious glitch brings the entire communications grid to a sudden halt!

Sudden withdrawal from gadget-driven addictions force the Van Der Poole family together against their will, to face the best – and worst – in each other as they explore old fashioned fun, family, and faith. In the process, they rediscover the real connectedness they hadn’t even realized they had lost.

Available Roles:

  • Mark Van Der Poole (Dad) – Male 38-50
  • Laurie Van Der Poole (Mom) – Female 32-46
  • Jeffery Van Der Poole (Son) – Male 14-17
  • Caitlin Van Der Poole (Daughter) – Female 12-14
  • Gerald Simmons (Neighbor) – Male 60-75
  • Angela (Mr. Simmon’s great niece) – Female 12-14
  • Stuart Jackson (nemesis) – Male 25-45
  • Extras – There will be a number of roles for extras in a church service scene as well.

Auditions Sides:

Download the Script

Mark – pp. 24-27 (exchange with Stuart), pp. 42-43 (with Jeff)
Laurie – pp. 44-47 (exchange with Caitlin about avatar)
Jeff – pp. 42-43 (exchange with Dad in attic) pp. 61-64 (with Simmons)
Caitlin – pp. 44-47 (exchange with Mom about avatar) pp. 78-80 (with Angela)
Mr. Simmons – pp. 61-64 (exchange with Jeff)
Stuart Jackson – pp. 24-27
Angela – pp.78-80 (with Caitlin)


These are paid roles. Compensation is consistent with SAG micro-budget guidelines.

How to Apply:

Interested actors please send a headshot and/or youtube demo reel link to: auditions@blendedplanet.com

NOTE: YouTube/Vimeo auditions are encouraged, simply email a link. Please DO NOT send videos as email attachments, links only. Submission deadline is July 13th, 2012.

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