“The Last Broadcast” Casting & Crew Call at The Actors Loft

Open Cast and Crew Call for Indie Film

“What if the world you knew, could be saved by one last broadcast?”

Open casting and crew call for the award winning “The Last Broadcast”, an independent film series being shot and produced in Michigan. Tentative shooting dates are September – November 2011 (Phase 1) and Spring 2012 (Phase 2) This will be a weekend shoot respectful of cast and crew work, school and family schedules.

Audition Details:

Saturday, August 6th from 10:00am – 5:00pm and Tuesday, August 9th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

The Actors Loft
919 South Main Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067.
(Located inside the B & B Collision Building. Parking available in the front and on E. Hudson Street. Look for the signs!)

Available Roles:

  • Cyrus: Caucasian Male, early 30’s. Tall, lean, muscular with long or messy short hair. A man of few words until certain situations provokes him and is very focused on protecting his close friends and family.
  • Rain: Caucasian Female, early or late 20’s. Tall, lean, with long black or dark brown hair, and a very beautiful woman with a razor edge’s attitude who’s a very talented gunslinger and is extremely deadly with knives. Martial arts experience preferred.
  • Nathan: Caucasian Male, late teens; 15 — 19 yrs old, 115lbs, with short black or brown hair, wears glasses, a computer nerd type that you can easily rely on, to get you out of any sticky situation.
  • Helen: Caucasian Female, late 40’s, with long dark blonde hair, and a very dedicated mother who will do anything to keep her children safe.
  • Rayhan: Arabic Male, early 40’s, with short black hair, a diabolical leader that shows no remorse for Americans. (Must Be Able To Speak Clear English To Be In Close Contact With The Director, And Must Speak Arabic For The Role.)
  • Samir: Arabic Male, late 40’s with short black hair, a very dedicated father and husband who will do anything to keep his family and loved ones safe. Husband to Farah, Father to Ainil and Amal. (Must Be Able To Speak Clear English To Be In Close Contact With The Director, And Must Speak Arabic For The Role.)
  • Farah: Arabic Female, late thirties, with long black hair, a very dedicated wife and mother. Wife to Samir, Mother to Ainil and Amal. (Must Be Able To Speak Clear English To Be In Close Contact With The Director, And Must Speak Arabic For The Role.)
  • Ainil: Arabic Female age 10 – 14yrs old, with long black or brown hair, a very shy girl who’s a very dedicated vegetarian. (Must Be Able To Speak Clear English To Be In Close Contact With The Director, And Must Speak Arabic For The Role.)
  • Amal: Arabic Male age 5 — 9 yrs old, with short black hair, a very typical little boy who is very curious, inquisitive. (Must Be Able To Speak Clear English To Be In Close Contact With The Director, And Must Speak Arabic For The Role.)
  • Saifullah: Arabic Male in late 40’s to early 50’s, with short black hair, an extremely intimidating individual with an emotionless face. (Must Be Able To Speak Clear English To Be In Close Contact With The Director, And Must Speak Arabic For The Role.)
  • Aaron: Caucasian Male, late 30’s, with short dirty blonde hair, a man of few words who is extremely focused. (The Aaron Contino character will be introduced either in Chapter Three or Four. However, we will have a small scene written to flush out his personality for future episodes. We need a photograph of the actor who’s going to play the role; because the photograph will be used in a scene.)
  • Doctor Gambel: Caucasian Male, early or late 50’s, with balding or thinning hair line, a kind and sympathetic doctor who is very dedicated to his patients.
  • Barbara: Caucasian Female, late 50’s or early 60’s, with short or long gray hair, a nurse who’s very outgoing and concerned when it comes to people.
  • Jessie: Caucasian Female in early 20’s, thin, with long or short black or dark brown hair, a semi decent looking young woman with self-esteem issues self centered personality and an attitude that can easily get under your skin. (Must Be Comfortable With Semi-Nude On Camera.)
  • Keith: Caucasian Male in late 20’s, tall, lanky with short dark brown hair, covered in tattoos, and the epitome of a class-A douche bag that thinks he can get away with anything. (Must Be Comfortable Semi-Nude For A Brief Second On Camera.)
  • Seth: Caucasian Male in early 20’s, with short dark brown or blonde hair, mildly scrawny but with a little muscle. An extremely nice guy, who easily gets taken advanced off, but has an edge whenever he feels it is necessary. College type student.
  • Elliott: Caucasian Male in early twenties, 150 to 170lbs, marine style hair cut, very burly, and a well- spoken young man with a commanding voice. College type student.
  • Michael: Caucasian Male in late twenties, 140 to 160lbs, shaved head, wears a bandana, tattoos, a very out going personality with a habit of being very random. College type student.
  • Audrey: Caucasian Female in early 20’s. Plus size to heavy set, with long red hair, who is an annoying individual that doesn’t know when to keep her big mouth shut. College type student.
  • Lauren: Caucasian Female in early/mid 30’s, with long dark hair. Lauren is your “girl next door type.” Always polite, professional, and doesn’t have a hard time telling you how she feels when it comes to certain situations.
  • Leslie: Caucasian Female in early/mid 40’s, with long dark hair and has become an alcoholic. Leslie is a distraught, widow mother who’s still in shock over the death of her husband. Mother of Jessie and Amanda Bridgewater.
  • Amanda: Caucasian Female in early to mid 20’s, thin, with long black or dark brown hair, a very striking young women with the ability to project intelligences light years a head of her time. She is very helpful but doesn’t allow herself to get stepped on, nor by others. She is the sister of Audrey and also a college type student.
  • The other characters in the screenplay are minor roles: Restaurant Busboy, College Radio Manager, Restaurant Manager and Extras.
  • Featured Sombies: 30 to 40 Zombies are needed. All types, genders, ages.
  • Featured Zombie/Victim #1: Young all-American country pretty-looking woman with long brown hair, “girl next door look”. Must be comfortable enough to get semi-nude) topless and for a simulated rape scene on camera.
  • Featured Zombie Children: Need a young Caucasian boy and girl — preferably brother and sister. Ages 6 — 10 years old. Will play Zombies who will attack an army type unit. Warning: This is need for a horror type scene and extreme safety will be used and children must be comfortable with heavy SFX make-up. Parents will be given a copy of the scene that requires the children. Safety & Stunt Coordinator will be present on set.

Available Crew Poisitons:

  • Co-Producer/Production Manager: Supervises the physical aspects of the production (And some creative aspects at the discretion of the Producer) including personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling. It is the Co-Producer’s responsibility to make sure the filming stays on schedule and within its budget. The Co-Producer also helps manage the day-to-day budget by managing operating costs such as production costs, and everyday equipment rental costs as appropriate. S/he also helps with the raising of any funds including crafting the investor plan. It’s a major job for an ambitious and organized person with the time and energy to do it right. Will work with the Executive Producer, Director and AD closely.
  • Art Director/Production Designer: Responsible for creating the physical, or visual appearance of the film – settings, costumes, character makeup, all taken as a unit. The production designer works closely with the director and the cinematographer to achieve the ‘look’ of the film. In addition, The Art Director reports to the Production Designer, and more directly oversees artists and craftspeople, such as the set designers/dressers, wardrobe, hair & make-up, etc. . .who give form to the production design as it develops. The art director works closely with Production Designer to oversee the aesthetic and textural details of sets and help locate props or set pieces.
  • Set Decorator/Dresser & Prop Master: The Set Decorator/Dresser is in charge of the decorating of a film set, which includes the furnishings and all the other objects that will be seen in the film. They work closely with the production designer and coordinate with the art director. The Prop Master is in charge of finding and managing all the props that appear in the film. The property master usually has several assistants.
  • Location Coordinator: Locates and secures locations specifically needed for Exterior and Interior shots. Knowledge of subdivisions, loft spaces are helpful and farmland/woods. This will be a Fall/Spring shoot tentatively starting in September and with a 3 month schedule on long weekends, pick-up shots and keep in mind with the winter weather.
  • Key Grip (3 spots): The main responsibility of a grip is to work closely with the Cinematographer / Lighting designer to put in the lighting set-ups necessary for a shot. Responsible for moving and adjusting major set pieces with the Lead Set Dresser or Art Director when something needs to be moved to get a camera into position.
  • Editor (2 spots): Assembles the various shots into a coherent film, with the help of the Director. Must have knowledge of Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects and Blender or other 3d animation software a plus.
  • Script Supervisor: Keeps track of what parts of the script have been filmed and makes notes of any deviations between what was actually filmed and what appeared in the script. He or she makes notes on every shot (and takes digital pictures of), also keeping track of props, blocking, and other details to ensure that continuity is maintained from shot to shot, and from scene to scene. The Script Supervisor’s notes are given to the Editor to expedite the editing process. The script supervisor works very closely with the Director on set, and Art Director.
  • Make-up and Hair Leads (2 spots): Works with the Director, Producers and Art Director on implementation of hair and makeup for actors.
  • Sound Designer / Recording Technician: Head of the sound department on set and in post production, responsible for recording all sound during filming. This involves the choice and deployment of microphones, operation of a sound recording device, and sometimes the mixing of audio signals in real time. In post production will work with Director and Editor to ensure sound quality and create audio FX / Foley sounds.
  • Stunt Supervisor and Safety Marshal – Assistant: Where the film requires a stunt, and involves the use of stunt performers, the stunt coordinator will arrange the casting and performance of the stunt, working closely with the director and stunt/gun supervisor. Is also responsible for overall safety on the set, including the securing of all weapons and explosives. First Aid knowledge helpful – certification in First Aid, CPR and firearms training a plus.
  • Wardrobe/Costume Coordinator: Maintains, assists, and coordinates Wardrobe for Cast. Responsibilities might include, help with wardrobe shopping, cleaning of costumes, light mending/repair if need be and work with the Director, Art Director and set the character’s wardrobe.
  • Craft Services Coordinator: A combination of Craft Services and Set Mom’s. Primary function will be the running of the craft table and help secure craft type services.
  • Production Assistants (6 -8 spots): Helps or assists cast & crew in various tasks such Grip, Gaffer, Security, Set Dressing, Transportation, Craft Services, Wardrobe, Special FX, Hair & Make-up, carrying or lifting light to heavy objects, getting coffee, or Red Bull ( for the Executive Producers), light administrative work, or other Production Responsibilities.


We are a non SAG production looking for non-paid actors and crew for Chapter Two and future series. Chapter One was completed and has already won a few film festivals and accepted into others. Low budget with goal of a distribution, and festival/convention screenings. Credit only for cast and crew with compensation of food & IMDb credit.

How to Apply:

To read for a role, please send an email to: thelastbroadcastseries@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include “TLB Audition” in the subject line of your email. Also include the Character Side in your email and it will be sent to you. Please memorize your sides if all possible and bring along your resume & head shot if you have them. Sides will be available for cold readings for other roles/characters. If chosen for the role, your character may continue in future chapters of The Last Broadcast. When you arrive at the audition, you will be given a number. This is first come, first serve, no appointments! There will be a casting assistant to assist you. Auditions will be taped and you will be required to sign a release to that effect.

To be considered please attend the Crew Call and bring your resume and/or portfolio. You will be interviewed for the position.

NOTE: Please do not email your resume or demo reel or drop off at the audition for cast and crew. We want to meet you, see you, hear you and talk to you.

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