“Last Act” Casting Soldiers for Short Film (Grand Rapids, MI)

Grand Rapids Casting Calls

Film Title: Last Act

Story: When a unit of soldiers become trapped inside a church by and enemy sniper one soldier breaks the tension of war with his music. Forever changing everyone’s lives.

We are casting men from the ages of 18 to 40 to play six roles in our short film. They are as follows:


Oskar: Is a medic fighting for a resistance group. Although he must be a medic to survive his true passion is music. Specifically the piano. Oskar can range from the age of 18-23. We are looking for an actor who has a background as a pianist who can perform the piece of music that we need to be performed. If you can not play the piano but would like to audition for this role please audition because we would love to see what you can do.

Wounded Commander: Although he becomes incapacitated very early in the story, the wounded commander is a very important role non the less. He starts off leading the unit until he is shot by the enemy sniper and Elijah is promoted into his position. Age Range: 25-40.

Elijah: Is a veterane military soldier and is shortly promoted to the leader of Oskars unit. Before the one world government absolved his country into the republic he served as a Major First Class. After the Republic took power he decided to fight for his individual freedoms as a rebel fighter. He has been fighting this war for eight years now. Age Range: 25-35.

Jacob: Also has music in his heart and was studying the violin at a prestigious fine arts academy. After his near capture by the Republic, Jacob teamed up with Talin and they have fought side by side for three years. Jacob has not seen his family since the night the Republic came and arrested them inside their home. Age range: 18-25.

Talin: Is a master violinist although he hasn’t played in almost five years. He was forced to sell his instrument before it lost all value on the market to buy bread for his wife and child. His fight started in this war when his wife and child were forced into a work camp. He doesn’t know if they are still alive. Age Range: 23-26

Enemy Sniper: The man with no name. He is a shadow. Well trained and deadly in his profession. He was shaped and molded into a perfect soldier by the Republic to do one thing and one thing only. Kill the enemy. Not until Oskar plays his somber music does the sniper remember that he is human and everyone around him is human. Age Range: 18-25.

We will be holding auditions for these roles on Friday, February 26, 2010 from the hours of 5pm to 7pm at Compass Film Academy.

Location Address:

Compass Film Academy
560 Fifth Street NW, Suite 110
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

If you are interested in a role and would like a copy of the script please contact me at contact@compassfilmacademy.com.


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