“Lady Bliss” Casting Call for Low Budget Movie (Detroit, MI)


Budget: Under $5,000,000 US
Scheduled shooting from July 17-August 16, 2010
Set Location: Throughout Michigan and Daytona Beach, FL

This is a non-union movie. Salaries are negotiable.

We are looking for main, supporting, and extras for an upcoming movie to start filming in mid-July for one month.


  • Jacob Milner – Main character, average looking guy who transforms into a stud in a biker’s outfit. His hair and clothing in the beginning school scenes are reserved (short) but when he lets it all down dresses like the biker type.
  • Ms. Johnson – School Superintendent. She is a strong, down-to-earth woman who “takes no shit”. She looks like the motherly type yet will rip your head off if she could legally do it.
  • Martha Abrams – She is a teacher in the school and Ms. Johnson’s right-hand assistant. She is an older woman who looks like a real bitch.
  • Mike – Jacob’s roommate. We don’t know too much about him only that he’s always partying.
  • John – A friend of Jacob’s introduced at the strip club. He likes to drink heavily. He owns his own lawn care business.
  • Tim – A friend of Jacob’s introduced at the strip club. He works for John as a landscaper.
  • Michele – Jacob’s soon-to-be ex-girlfriend (while he was working at Penrod’s Hotel). She is a flirt and looks like a real user.
  • Students in class – It is your typical assortment of High School Seniors (preppy, jock, burn-out, punk, etc..).
  • Manager at Penrod’s – He is business-like. Probably overweight and balding.
  • Security Guards at Penrod’s – Huge. Definitely do not want to mess with them.
  • Waitresses at Penrod’s – Very attractive since they are at the hottest nightclub in town.
  • Women at Penrod’s – Jacob talks to various extremely attractive women while at Penrod’s.
  • Women on ship – Young and beautiful. Most appear in bikinis while wandering about aboard the ship (Lady Bliss).
  • Men on ship – Several men appear at night on the ship. They seem tough and gangster-like and carry guns.
  • Cab Driver – Drives them home from the strip club.
  • Announcer at Penrod’s – Introduces several singers to the stage.

Many Cameo Appearances by 80s Rock Bands and Singers


Salaries are negotiable.


If you are interested in joining our cast, please email your inquiry (Name, bio, pictures) to dan@parrell.com and include in the Subject Line “Lady Bliss”. We will be auditioning in May through July and start shooting July 17, 2010.

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7 Responses to ““Lady Bliss” Casting Call for Low Budget Movie (Detroit, MI)”

  1. Nicole Klein says:

    I am interested in being an extra in this movie. I could be the best extra you have ever had!

  2. Matt Miller says:

    I recently was cast in the upcoming independant film “Atrophy.” I am 30 yrs old and would like some more information on the roles and possibly a synopsis of the film. I am 6’0 180 lbs average looking and am interested in auditioning. Any info you could send would be great. Send to Email address please. thankyou.

  3. Tatianna Fitzpatrick-Dyer says:

    I am interested in being an extra. And although I have no prior professional experience other than high school plays/musicals, I am easy to work with!

  4. Eddie Torres says:

    I am looking for a small role or just an extra. I have no experience but would love some. I live in Florida, I’m a Hispanic male, 18 years old, about 6’0″ and 170-180lbs. Athletic/average body type, and short black hair.

  5. Dominic Shamas says:

    My name is Dominic Shamas and im 22 years old. Im of Syrian decent im 6’0 tall and I weigh 200 pounds. Im a nice and outgoing person. Thanks!


  7. Noriko Kambara says:

    I’m a film composer and interested in your film.
    I can provide appropriate music for your film.


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