“Knights of Searra” Voice Actor Casting Call (Oakland County, MI)

Casting Voice Actors for CG Animated Production

Knights of Searra

TKMoonlight is currently casting voice actors for season one of our original series, Knights of Searra. Knights of Searra is an animated Sci-Fi action drama web series. Prior acting experience is not necessary. There are 30+ roles to be filled. All characters are intended to be 18 years of age or older. Callback auditions will take place April 3rd, 2012.

Available Roles:

  • West 18-28: (Male / 18-24 Years / Any Ethnicity) Fed up with the daily 9-5 grind West enlists in hopes of finding his true calling, as well as elevate his economic status. A very confident an easy going male in his mid twenties, West relishes the chance to take charge in an given situation. Accent: British
  • Clay 18-28: (Male / 18-24 Years / Any Ethnicity) A long time friend and co-worker of West, Clay enlists as a last chance effort to salvage what remains of his once promising life. Clay is a male in his mid twenties who wears his heart on his sleeves. He constantly tries to see the best in people, which leaves him vulnerable and often in emotional distress. Accent: None
  • Devyn 18-35: (Female / Any Years / Any Ethnicity) An elite pilot and squad general, Devyn is a no-nonsense female. She burries her emotions deep and leads with an iron fist, which leaves her squad members wondering what dark secrets she keeps locked away. Accent: None
  • Heath 18-28: (Male / 18-24 Years / Any Ethnicity) An easy going male who swears he was a tough wrangling cowboy in his previous life. Provides some comedic relief for his squad in moments when smiles are scarce. Accent: Southern
  • Quilo 18-40: (Male / Any Years / Any Ethnicity) An intelligent male whose personality can be a bit stale at time. Quilo is the voice of reason when situations spiral out of control. Accents: None (Soft intellectual tone)
  • Jade 18-28: (Female / 18-24 Years / Any Ethnicity) A vigilante / ultramodern robin hood. Jade seeks to expose the corruption embedded deep within the colonial government. A young, warm hearted female who will stop at nothing to complete her objective. Accents: None
  • Multiple Roles: (Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity)


All opening positions are currently unpaid. Actors who are cast will be offered a contract spanning the entire nine episodes of season one. Details of compensation will be discussed individually.

How to Apply:

Actors wishing to audition for roles should prepare a thirty second monologue which may be recorded as an audio file or YouTube video and emailed to: KOSCasting@yahoo.com

NOTE: Please follow the guidelines when submitting your audition. Actors who fail to do so will have their entries discarded. Submission guidelines and complete character descriptions can be found at: http://www.tkmoonlight.com/KOSCasting.html

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2 Responses to ““Knights of Searra” Voice Actor Casting Call (Oakland County, MI)”

  1. Matt Kenzie says:

    I found your ad a little late but just hoping your still in need or looking for someone in the near future. Im 28, Male, White, and very comfortable in front of a mic. I went to school for Voice overs but have just been having bad luck finding a job in it. My E-Mail is Mattkredwings@ymail.com. Hope maybe to hear from you. Thanks.

  2. Chip Joel says:

    Good day,
    I too, like Matt Kenzie, saw your ad after the casting deadline. If you are still casting I would like to be considered. I am a Voice Actor who specializes in Character Voices, including National/International accents, Celebrity Impersonations and ages ranging from Tweeners to Seniors. I have experience in Animation, Video Games, Commercials, Audio Books and Audio Dramas. If you would like a custom demo, you can contact me at gettingvocal@optonline.net.
    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply.
    Chip Joel

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