“Killer 7” Casting Call, Black Rose Productions (Detroit, Michigan)

Casting Actors for “Killer 7”

Black Rose Productions is currently casting for our next film. Killer 7 will be a non-union feature film with filming locations in Chicago, Detroit and Lansing. Killer 7 will be our third major film for our production company, we would like to give great thanks to Julie Hamberk for the storyline of Killer 7.

About the Film:

Killer 7 is a high budget Action-Thriller film based on the seven major global criminal orgainizations; Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Columbian Cartel, Chinese Triad, Japanese Yakuza, American Motorcycle Club and Serbian Mafia. One by one they send their best and elite hitman to eliminate the other in a showdown for a Black Market deal worth over 200 Million dollars and full funding of drugs, weapons and any of need to their respective orgainizations. However, the FBI has other plans and does what is nessassary to stop each henchman in their tracks…

Available Roles:

  • Azzo D’ Orazio
    Age: 32 Ht: 6’2 Wt: 210 Lbs Occupation: Ex-Military / Mafioso Victims eliminated: 54 Pledge: Italian Mafioso – Marano FamilyAzzo D’ Orazio was born in Italy and raised under his father who served the local militia and soon was recruited into the local warfare as a child soldier, he left at the age of 17 and came to America where he worked as a garbage boy in New York. He was soon involved with the local mafia as he witniessed his boss shreded before his eyes, he was then trained and recruited into the Marano Family who ran northern New York. With his previous military experience he quickly rose through the ranks and is an expert with small firearms and blades, and taking a life was easier than a late dinner of spaghetti and meat balls. He was then promoted as the Marano Family’s top hitman selected for the job.
  • Lidiya Rostropovich
    Age: 28 Ht: 5’7 Wt: 132 Lbs Occupation: Bratva Victims eliminated: 37 Pledge: Russian Bratva – Rostropovich GroupLidiya Rostropovich is the daughter of big-time crime boss, Kazimir Rostropovich, and expertly trained in weapons warfare and tactical espionage. Instead of growing up with imaginations of princesses and castles, Lidiya grew up with death and bullets; with imaginations and sometimes even dreams of torcher and madness. She is an expert sniper and movement around her surroundings, training with former Spetsnaz elite members and tested her skills on her father’s leftovers; such as guys that needed dealt with and she would specialize in making them silent. She is currently pursuited by the CIA for the murder of a high-corporate chairman of a weapons-tech company, even so, she joins in the elimination.
  • Bernardo Rivera
    Age: 29 Ht: 5’9 Wt: 186 Lbs Occupation: Sicario Victims eliminated: 74 Pledge: Columbian Crime RingBernardo Rivera was born directly into militia warfare, his entire familia served under the Columbian cartel and soon he was involved without any thoughts of mind. He dumped his bottle at a young age and picked up the Ak-47, killed his first rival enemy at the age of 11 and given a rival lieutenant a “Columbian Neck-tie” for his high-school graduation. Aside from violence, Bernardo loved music and playing his guitar…until he plants C4 inside it and blows up a police investigation. After the federal police fell deep into the crime rings, he went underground working only as a contract killer. He was hired for this mission and will be given 50/50 if he succeeds.
  • Fu Hui Ling
    Age: 26 Ht: 5’6 Wt: 114 Lbs Occupation: Zhao Si – Hitwoman Victims eliminated: 62 Pledge: Chinese Hu-Lao Crime FamilyHui Ling was born in the poor districts in Hong Kong where she devoloped her skills for survival, learning stealth from everyday stealing and robberies. She trained with her father in Kung Fu, who worked for the Hu-Lao crime family, including weapons and soon she joined the Army and received expert marksmanship in weapons. When she came back home, her father was killed in a shooting and that sparked the assassin inside Hui Ling. In one night she massacred the ones responsible for the death of her father and placed their heads upon his grave. She then goes into hiding for two years and disappeared from the grid, working underground as a contract killer. She was approached by her uncle who tells her that she will soon take up the Fu Family’s affiliation to the Hu-Lao family, to prove her loyalty she must win this elimination showdown.
  • Sato Masanori
    Age: 24 Ht: 5’8 Wt: 160 Lbs Occupation: Yakuza Victims eliminated: 173 Pledge: Japanese Ryudo FamilyMasanori began his career in the criminal underworld as a street thug collecting racket money for the Ryudo Family, sticking up tourists and defending the family’s racket turf. An expert swordsman and firearms marksmen, wanted by INTERPOL and FBI. His Uncle is a police officer who takes the heat off Masanori’s back whenever in trouble, in return Masanori keeps the yakuza off his back while on his cases. Traditional culture applies to him, as yakuza is of samurai loyalty, when his Uncle was killed he sets out alone and took back their drug turf controled by multiple rival gangs. He against hundreds were at war, three months later, all of Tokyo was under the Ryudo family’s control because of one man. He is asked on this mission as personal favor of his crime boss, the elimination of the “oversea rivals”.
  • Kyle Dutch Thompson
    Age: 43 Ht: 6’3 Wt: 247 Lbs Occupation: Motorcycle Club member Victims eliminated: 51 Pledge: Skye MCEver since running away from home and avoided high school graduation, he joined up selling rocks and weed on corner blocks riding bikes with his friends. Soon he was rocked by rivals gangmembers who controled the area, he didn’t even back out because he went straight to get his AK and chopped every single one of them into peices. After his skills were famed, he joined the Skye Motorcycle Club, a notorious biker gang on the Western Coast of the United States. Here, he was marked as the main captain of arms because if he pulls out his double-shotty, anything in his way is blown like his motorcycle’s muffers. To expan the group into multiple areas even global, he joins to try to win the money.
  • Dragana Mijatovic
    Age: 31 Ht: 5’6 Wt: 122 Lbs Occupation: Serbian Mafija Victims eliminated: 43 Pledge: Serbian Orgainized CrimeDragana was a surviving member of the Yugoslav wars fought around her hometown and country, she and her brothers picked up arms and fought their way and eventually ended up in the serbian orgainized crime syndicates. Not much is known about her, she lost her family and any ties to her heritage during the war, with nothing left she physically trained herself and lived alone. She works as a contract killer for the Serbian mafia.


The are paid roles. Pay to be discussed.

How to Apply:

Please send headshot and resume to: killer7film@gmail.com

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  1. Tiffany says:

    What are the days of shooting for Detroit? Also, I have little experience, but I am a very quick learner and undoubtedly dedicated, so if you need ANY crew (PA’s, doubles, etc), I am open for that as well.

  2. Walter Lee says:

    hey this is Walter what day,date and time of the shooting in this film in Detroit,i have exp in acting and in as an extra and in a speaking role,im very decent and dedicated please respond and call me 586 468 4726 and 586 464 7894 email me to at walterlee01@hotmail.com

  3. Katerina says:

    Im interested in role of Lidiya. Im russian :)
    I sent my photos and resume to your email

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