“John Basketball” Auditions – Click BANG! Productions (Lansing, MI)

Casting Call for Feature Length Film

Start Time: Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 10:00am
End Time: Friday, May 21, 2010 at 1:00pm
Where: Foster Community Center

Click BANG! Productions is shooting a feature film in the Lansing area through out the month of July. We have a character heavy script with multiple roles for adults of all ages, but predominately men ages 20-60.

This film is a dark comedic take on the sports film genre, but with odes to character pieces in the vain of Death of a Salesman and Fight Club. This is the story of a man looking for his dreams through the eyes of strangers. A tale of redemption and resurgence told with a dark sensibility in light hearted fashion.

This is the second feature length project from Click BANG! Productions. We believe filmmaking is a collaborative effort that only finds its true voice when the opinions of those involved are heard and respected. We make films that we would want to watch. Filmmaking is our passion and that is the exuberant mentality that we bring to the set each day!

Auditions will be held May 15th – May 21nd At foster community center.

Character Roles

Tom Stockton’s sports writing is steeped in an the unapologetic philosophy of Gonzo Journalism. He can not come to terms with the current sacrifice of integrity for the new tenants of sensational news coverage. Stockton sees himself as a classic renegade American character, but the world only sees an old man trying ward off progress. The story he finds reminds him of the ethos of the old days, but shows him the only thing that stays the same is change.

Age: from 41 to 50

Marcus is an escaped mental patient with a congenial attitude and a unpredictable dark side. In the make up of the group Marcus is the wild card. Marcus is a fun character with multiple levels of flaws.

Age: from 25 to 30


Jackson has recently suffered an injury that has left him deaf on top of the selective mutism that he never grew out. He goes along with John Basketball’s scheme because John is so blindly accepting of anyone that is on his ‘squad.’

Age: from 25 to 30

Karen is a mildly successful lawyer that has been put in charge of Jackson’s work injury case. She is in charge of retrieving Jackson’s work papers because Jackson has retained employment with a work from home stipulation as a result of his recent work injury. Through this arrangement she meets Greer, the aggressive self-employed dead beat member of John Basketballs team, and though he is the wrong type of guy by most standards, Greer is Karens type. Karen is strong, smart and well spoken, but men have always been the one part of her life she can’t get right.

Age: from 31 to 40

Militia Team:
The Michigan Militia team. Carl, Kasuba, and Patton know Tom Stockton, our story’s narrator, from a story he did on them a while back. Stockton calls in a favor to have them play John’s team with the hopes that they will be a fluff team that can help John’s squad gain confidence. Those hopes are not realized because The Militia comes to play. For these roles we are looking for a 20 something to play the part of Patton and the other two we need middle aged men. These three men carry themselves with an organized redneck demeanor designed to intimidate. The Michigan Milita team is a group of crucial side characters that will only require two days of shooting.

Age: from 20 to 40

We recommend individuals unable to make these dates contact us ahead of time to set up other arrangements regarding auditioning.

Please Contact

Tom Slovinski (casting director)

Jerry Spears (director)

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