“Innocent Victim” Casting Actors for Short Film

WhiteShore Films Casting Call

From September 24 – 29, WhiteShore Films is looking to casting actors and actresses for their next short film, “Innocent Victim”. Shooting is scheduled for September 24 – 29, 2012 in the Shelby, New Era and Hart areas.


This film is an independent Christian film, about a man who continues to have nightmares of being killed by someone close to him. He makes the horrifying discovery that his own mother killed him twenty years ago by getting an abortion. This is a pro-life film dealing with the issue of abortion.

Available Roles:

  • Tim: (20 years old, Caucasian) A war hero, who has just returned home from Afghanistan. He had many brave feats overseas, but deep inside he only wants to live a quiet life, and get married to his high school sweetheart. As he is brutally killed, he comes to the revelation that his own mother, who is very close to him, had him murdered before he was even born.
  • Young Stacy: (17 years old, Caucasian) She is the mother of Tim, torn apart emotionally as she decides if she should get an abortion or not. She finds no happiness in life, seeing only despair everywhere. For a little while, it seems as if she made the choice to not have her son killed, and we see briefly pure joy because of this.
  • Older Stacy: (37 years old, Caucasian) She has made the decision, it seems, to not have her son aborted. And she has a very happy life, even though she is single. She keeps many fond memories of her and Tim, through pictures on the walls, videos, and so forth.
  • Angela: (18 years old, either African-American or Caucasian) Stacy’s friend. She is a Christian girl, who is also pregnant, and married to a very responsible and good man. She has a very happy life. And she tries desperately to help Stacy with her life and her choices.
  • Ann: (20 years old, either African-American or Caucasian) Tim’s girlfriend. She is extremely proud of Tim, and his heroism overseas. Now she just waits, as patiently as she can, for him to ask her hand in marriage.
  • Doctor Adler: (50 years old, Caucasian) the abortionist. An almost haunting man, with very pale face.
  • Dave: (20 years old, either African-American or Caucasian) Angela’s husband. A very responsible Christian man, who has a good job, and loves his wife and soon-to-be-born child.
  • Older Man: (70 years old, Caucasian) A war veteran who meets Tim and thanks him for his heroism in Afghanistan.


We will provide the food and lodging, plus payment for fuel, and the movie credit and a free copy of the film when completed.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshots and resume to: wsfcall@gmail.com

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