“I Remember Yesterday” Extras Casting, Locations & Props

Extras Casting for “I Remember Yesterday”

"I Remember Yesterday" Extras Casting Call

“I Remember Yesterday” is looking for locations, props and extras with WW2 era military and civilian dress. A crucial scene among others involves recruits boarding a troop train. A few 1944-older vehicles are being sought as well.

There are roles for modern-day dress as well so don’t hold back if you are at all interested. There is a need for BOTH 1940s and 2000s wardrobe and bodies to fill them.

About the Film:

This project is filming Aug 28-Sept 10 in the vicinity of Belleville, Michigan and is a community-made film being done with the cooperation of Van Buren Township’s September Days senior center.

Locations & Props:

  • A Hospital
  • A Doctor’s Office
  • A Cemetery
  • A Train Station with a 1940s Train
  • A Restaurant
  • Airport Baggage Claim Area
  • A History Museum
  • Nancy’s House with yard
  • Mary’s House with front yard
  • A 1930s Style Diners
  • A 1940s Assembly Line Factory
  • 1930s and 1940s Clothing
  • WW2 Uniforms for soldiers
  • Nancy’s Car
  • A black/brown WW2 Military Car


It is a NON-PROFIT film so there are no paid positions, however it is a community project in need of film-friendly locations within reasonable range of Belleville, props, volunteers, and historic vehicles which are everywhere in Michigan. I am a volunteer above all else, and so I’m spreading word of this need. Please do likewise and ask around for leads that they can use.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying as an extra for this film please visit http://www.irememberyesterdaymovie.com/extras.php and complete the registration form.

If you would like to submit a location or prop suggestion, please send an email to: osiegel@the-ill-o.de

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5 Responses to ““I Remember Yesterday” Extras Casting, Locations & Props”

  1. IRYmovie Art Dept says:

    “To all interested folks: email me to meet in Belleville Thursday night if you can make it — we’re tieing down the schedule and if you want to be involved AT ALL, this is the earliest chance you’ll get unless I get with you myself somewhere tomorrow. We’re looking for background cast coordinator, wardrobe helpers, wardrobe check-in, props and set dressings people, and of course background actors. Bring the kids – the meet is at the Twp hall and is kid-friendly. Thursday night come in full costume or with costume for the period of your choice (1938-44 or present day) to try out for either or both and inform us of resources you can provide as well. There are no combat dress requirements, all photography happens ‘stateside’. Stay tuned for more precise specs, and be sure to read all you can on the site to get up to speed before attending.” Mike in the Art Dept

    Email: rzm@att.net

  2. Ann Bingamen says:

    Experienced, Fit, Attractive Female exploring new possibilities. I’m a 5 Time National TaeKwonDo Champion and ready for some Action! Please check out my F.B. Profile and what’s meant to be Will Be…. :-)

  3. IRYmovie Art Dept says:

    Update- please email rzm@att.net before attending the Thursday meeting. It is a closed rehearsal but several people will be needing to get measured if they live nearby. When you get through to me I’ll confirm the time you are to meet with me unless we just have you come straight to the shoot.

  4. Rebekah says:

    I just want to say thank you for creating a film about Dementia. I would love to participate in the film, but casting is closed. I work in an assisted living facility. I work closely with Alzheimer’s patients and Dementia. There is not much awareness about Dementia, so I am glad you are creating a film about it. I just love my residents. I see what their families go through, the couple who has been married for 67 years, and now the wife cannot even remember how to string a sentence together. It hurts the husband every day, but he still comes in for lunch and dinner to spoon feed his wife her food. I just love my job and the people, many misunderstand Dementia. They are not funny old people, they are not unintelligent. They just forgot. Thank you, and I look forward to watching it.

  5. alexandrin aAasen says:

    I love this. Do you have fan facebook page for your site ?

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