“I Remember Yesterday” Casting Call for Actors & Crew (Belleville, MI)

Movie Casting & Crew Call

I Remember Yesterday Movie Casting

“I Remember Yesterday” is short film about Mary Lapinsky, who has seen a lot in her life. Born in 1921, she was in her 20s when the world was at war. Since then, our society has gone through a lot of changes. Now, Mary is almost 90 years old. Although she vividly remembers her early days, she seems to forget what is going on around her and does have difficulties participating in present day activities. Her body does not seem to be connected to her mind. We usually call this state “dementia”.

With our movie we want to honor those people, who have contributed to making this country what it is today. And, at the same time, we try to relate our audience to how these men and women might feel nowadays.

Character Roles:

  • Mary Lapinsky – in her early 20s
    Should look like a younger Version of our “90-yr-old” Mary Lapinsky (who is about to be selected on Wed. 8/11) Polish ancestry, therefore a rather polish look is prefered! Acting skills are required!
  • Nancy – in her 40s (Mary’s Caregiver)
    Nancy is Mary’s Granddaughter and is taking Care of her on a regular Basis. Should have a nice apearance and personality, be a caring nature and be savvy of living in the 21st century. Acting skills are required!
  • John – in his 20s (Mary’s husband)
    A young man, who’s apperance is appropriate to the 30s/40s,handsome, Polish ancestry as well, should have acting skills!
  • Johnny – 1-3 years old (Mary’s son)
    A child, that is not shy of hanging out around strangers in front of a camera!
  • A Pastor who is able to perform an impressive speech in front of a large audience
  • A Delivery Man, who is submitting a telegram.
  • Seniors at the Senior Center – Mary’s friends
  • Tom – in his 40s (Nancy’s Husband)
    Does not have any Lines.


  • Children at a Birthday Party (5-7 years)
  • Travelers and Passengers at the Airport
  • Pedestrians in a Park
  • Guests at a Restaurant
  • Patients in the Waiting Room
  • Seniors at the Senior Center
  • Pedestrians in a crowded and busy street
  • Women working at a Factory
  • Guests at a 1930s Diner
  • Visitors at a 1940s Funeral
  • Honor Guards at a 1940s Funeral
  • WW2 Soldiers and their Wives and Kids in the 1940s


  • Grips
  • Gaffers
  • Music production
  • Production Manager
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Costumes
  • Hair & Make-up

Locations & Props:

  • A Hospital
  • A Doctor’s Office
  • A Cemetery
  • A Train Station with a 1940s Train
  • A Restaurant
  • Airport Baggage Claim Area
  • A History Museum
  • Nancy’s House with yard
  • Mary’s House with front yard
  • A 1930s Style Diners
  • A 1940s Assembly Line Factory
  • 1930s and 1940s Clothing
  • WW2 Uniforms for soldiers
  • Nancy’s Car
  • A black/brown WW2 Military Car

How to Apply:

This casting is closed. We would like to thank everyone who applied.

Extras casting is still open. Details on how to apply as an extra can be found here.

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3 Responses to ““I Remember Yesterday” Casting Call for Actors & Crew (Belleville, MI)”

  1. Paula Laroway says:

    It seems like a lot of what you are looking for could be found at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn

  2. IRYmovie Art Dept says:

    Paula, if the museum did not have a fee, or would waive it for Non-profits or zero-budget films, we’d be there.

    “I Remember Yesterday” is crewing up and looking for locations and extras with WW2 era military and civilian dress. A crucial scene among others involves recruits boarding a troop train. A few 1944-older vehicles are being sought as well.

    This project is filming Aug 28-Sept 10 in the vicinity of Belleville Michigan and is a community-made film being done with the cooperation of Van Buren Township’s September Days senior center. It is a NON-PROFIT film so there are no paid positions, however it is a community project in need of film-friendly locations within reasonable range of Belleville, props, volunteers, and historic vehicles which are everywhere in Michigan. I am a volunteer above all else, and so I’m spreading word of this need. Please do likewise and ask around for leads that they can use.

    All forms of help can volunteer at irememberyesterdaymovie.com where you will find a general description and list of locations we’re researching for them. A contact page there will get you through to the folks at The Ill O Productions.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions. At the very least, donations are coming in and are accepted eagerly.

    M. A. — set dress/props IRY

  3. IRYmovie Art Dept says:

    There are roles for modern-day dress as well so don’t hold back if you are at all interested. There is a need for BOTH 1940s and 2000s wardrobe and bodies to fill them.

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