“The Humans Are Coming” Cast & Crew Needed for Short Film

Casting Actors, Extras & Crew for Zombie Film

The short zombie film “The Humans Are Coming” is looking for actors for a variety of roles. Shooting is scheduled for September 22nd, 2012 in Adrian, MI starting at 7:00am.


What if zombies were the norm and humans were the infected monsters that run rampant in the streets, turning our beautiful zombie families into these creatures?

As a short film, Zombie comedy, The Humans Are Coming will let us take a peak into the world of the Williams family. Mom and Dad Williams along with their three children, Kyle, Dustin, and Jenny, are having breakfast when an old neighbor shows up that isn’t quite himself anymore….he’s human. And one of the Williams family members has a life changing secret.

Available Roles:

  • Mom Williams: Zombie (40s, Female)
  • Dad Williams: Zombie (40s, Male)
  • Dustin Williams: Zombie (13-15, Male)
  • Kyle Williams: Zombie (13-15, Male)
  • Jenny Williams: Zombie (16-18, Female)
  • Brian Harvey: Human (40s, Male)
  • Sam Harvey: Human (16-18, Male)
  • Extra 1: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 2: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 3: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 4: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 5: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 6: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 7: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 8: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 9: Human (20+, Male/Female)
  • Extra 10: Human (20+, Male/Female)

Available Crew Positions:

  • 1st A.C.
  • Second A.C.
  • Audio
  • Script Supervisor
  • Grip
  • Behind the Scenes Camera (Camera/monopod provided)
  • Makeup 1 (Only for the first few hours)
  • Makeup 2 (Only for the first few hours)
  • Hair (Only for the first few hours)
  • Still Photography (Canon T1i provided, feel free to use you’re own, please make note of what model and lenses you have though.)


These are not paid roles or crew positions. You will receive food on set, DVD, and poster.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please submit a full body photo as well as any previous experience to: dustin@antisleepstudio.com

NOTES: Zombie’s must not be allergic to latex. The makeup is liquid latex and will be applied to your entire face. If you need to test, find a latex glove (like they use at the doctors office) and slap that baby on for five minutes. If your hand doesn’t become all red and melt off, you’re good. Also, you must have good vision and NOT require the use of contacts. As a zombie you will be wearing special effects contact lenses and can not wear both at the same time.

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