H&R Block Second Look Casting Call in Detroit, Michigan

Second Look Detroit Commercial Casting

H&R Block Second Look Detroit

Last year, H&R Block traveled to the small town of Greenback, TN and found the residents an additional $14,687 on their past tax returns. This year, they are coming to Detroit! They are offering free Second Looks to every resident, and they are going to get back every dollar due. H&R Block tax pros will carefully examine past tax returns to find additional refund money that was missed. Detroit is one of the hardest-working cities in America. You should get back all the money you deserve.

From now until November 5th, they will be offering to redo the taxes of every single person living in Detroit. If they find you more money, it’s yours at absolutely no cost to you. All they ask is you let them film the entire process and have the opportunity to feature you in their national advertising campaign. They would really like interesting people like free lancers, union members, musicians, teachers, police, firemen, factory works, newly weds, small business owners.


You will get a Second Look. a H&R Block tax pro will carefully review your tax returns from any of the past three years to see if there were any missed deductions or other mistakes made. If any errors are discovered, they will then re-file so that you get back all the money you deserve. Along with this opportunity, they may be able to promote your company or charitable organization.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please visit the web site and make an appointment.

NOTE: If they save you money, the next step would be to be interviewed with the possibility to be in a commercial. This could be a nice bit of money.

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4 Responses to “H&R Block Second Look Casting Call in Detroit, Michigan”

  1. Michael Lennon says:

    i made more last year that i have out of all of my other years of working for the last 10+ but got the least amount out of all of them.. I dont know if I did something wrong in my taxes, or if that was the correct amount. My mother did my taxes for me on turbo tax, but a second look would be just what I am looking for. Please help me
    Thank you

  2. Paul Miles says:

    I’m currently self employed blues artist paying Uncle Sam on installment plan for what I owe him… If this qualifys for a second look I’m ready if not. I’ll stay out of jail by paying . peace and blues PM

  3. Rosalyn and Joseph Vega says:

    Just a hard working couple. He’s a police officer and I’m a flight attendant and we have been doing our own taxes to save money and just wondering if we missed anything. On our salary we could always stand to use a little extra with three kids. Thanks

  4. lisa mcintosh says:

    Email me guys, I would love to do a second look on your taxes as well aw my Dearborn team where the commerical was fimed at. As well as anyone else out there who wants a second look done. we are the best and here to serve.

    Office Manager
    Westland, Michigan

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