How to Survive a Horror Movie – The Game Show (Warren, MI)

Think you can survive a horror movie?

Based off of the rules of engagement in any popular horror movie. This show will test the skills of real people in a horror movie setting.

The filming for this show will be at the MTAC indoor arena that stands alone with an impressive 8,000 sq ft. indoor arena and a two acre outdoor arena. We have constructed rooms to represent a hotel room, bank, jail cell, party store and house. We also have a tower, alley, random rooms with doors, long hallways with windows and drop down stairs with attic crawl spaces. The killer will try to kill the players and leave one to survive. At the end of three hours if there is more than one player standing they all loose.

Casting has closed for the pilot episode. However there will be 6 more coming up. If you would like to be apart of the show we are always looking for help.

This show will air on March 15 2010 and will end October 10th with a live Halloween 3day episode.

MTAC building
14009 Achyl Ave
Warren, MI 48089
Dylan Sides 1-734-674-1032

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  1. Wayne Moy says:

    Hi, I was surfing some casting calls and came across your game show. I am a long time Warren resident and would like more information about how I could help. I am Chinese American and in my early 40’s and physically fit. Please drop me a line at the provided e-mail if I can help.



  2. Anthony Gibson says:

    I am interested in joining the show. I am 6 feet pretty fit, 140 pounds and 16 years old. I am of african american and french descent. My email is

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