How Many IMDb Credits Do You Have?

“Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour” TV Series Casting

Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour

Are the few credits you have for “video shorts,” never-released features or bit roles & extra work in visiting productions? If so, you need to earn lead & supporting role credits in established, credible productions in order to be taken seriously by agents & casting directors. Appearing on “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour” provides actors with “TV series” IMDb credits fast.

Do You Have a Monologue?

Agents & casting directors don’t always have time to schedule an open casting call. When they do, they don’t always have staff available to read scenes with talent, nor are they interested in seeing “cold reads.” Any actor serious about their career should have at least one short monologue prepared at all times which they can perform at the drop of a hat. In the Internet age, uploading a monologue to YouTube helps agents & casting directors see what you can do quickly and effectively.

NOTE: Uploading your walk-on or bit role in an amateur “video short” is NOT the same thing and does not show you to good advantage.

Available Roles:

  • Actors: (Male and Female, open ethnicity) Monthly opportunities for juicy lead and supporting roles in this popular television series are now open.


Be seen and build up an enviable listing of IMDb credits fast when you join our team!

How to Apply:

Begin a relationship which will move your career and skill level forward by appearing on “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour.” For consideration, submit your materials to:

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