“Hostel 3” Extras Casting Call, Hostel: Part III (Detroit, Michigan)

Sony Stage 6 Films

Hostel 3 Extras Casting Call

Hostel 3 or Hostel: Part III will start filming this August under Sony’s Stage 6 Films. The are currently casting extras and stand-ins who are available starting August 30th, 2010. Hostel III will be filmed in Detroit and the casting will be led by Ryan Hill.

How to Apply for “Hostel 3”:

To apply as an extra (you only need to do this once):
Send name, age, height, weight, phone number and a current picture to Hostel3Extras@gmail.com.

You must be 18 or older to apply.


Once you are in Ryan’s database from any film, you will be contacted about future film casting opportunities. All of the our email addresses lead to the database. You do not need to send pictures and contact information to more than one.

For more information you can visit Ryan Hill Extras Casting on Facebook.

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13 Responses to ““Hostel 3” Extras Casting Call, Hostel: Part III (Detroit, Michigan)”

  1. T.C. Real says:

    I hope to be part of this movie as well, I now have 9 major movies, and a television show under my belt; 8 Mile, The Island, Whip it, Red Dawn 2010, Swat: Fire Fight, Real Steel, Harold & Kumar 3, The Double, Machine Gun Preacher, and the new ABC show….Detroit 187…..contact me at tcreal65@yahoo.com Thanks in advance Terrence aka T.C.Real the artist/actor in Detroit

  2. Even More Real! says:

    I have dont 15 movies, I am a professional extra, you can see me standing next to Drew Barrymore in Whip It, Eminem walked passed me in 8 Mile. I held the tube and gerbil for Richard Gere as well in The Double! I rock, pick me, pick me! LMAO!!!!

  3. Walter Lee says:

    i hope you can cast me as an extra in Swat:Fire and Fight, Detroit 187 and others in the Metro Detroit area,I already did Real Steele and Detroit Unleaded and other extras parts in films,I did Detroit 2:Heavy metal did a few speaking parts on that small role and others in plays i got acting exp please respond to me at walterlee01@hotmail.com and/or call me 586 468 4726 or 586 464 7894

  4. Hashim Edwards says:

    I have been singing all my life, and I would love the idea to be an extra in a movie.. I have been doing plays and I sang professional all over the country with the late Aaliyah.. I really would like to be apart of the movie process… If I am a dead person or even walking by, the credit on the movie will be enough… My sister told me about this because she is doing it now.. If interested, please call me at 313-207-9169… Thanks.

  5. anthony jambor says:

    My information has been sent. I am a big fan of the first two hostel movies. I love movie with bood and guts. I would be willing to be any extra part you need. Even if it was passing by behind the action. thank for your time and hope to hear from you

  6. Anthony A Humes II says:

    Hi how are you I am so glad the you guys choose Detroit MI to film your upcoming movie Hostel III it is great for the city. and that why i would love to be and movie extra. it is very fun and i know when you are on set it is all about business i really want to be in this movie. thank you very much.

  7. David Shreve says:

    give a call @(814)454-1637 I’d like to cast as an extra please.good worker/references/reliable/follow direction/multi-tasker/team player

  8. Eric Swenson says:

    I have worked as a professional extra and am just as enthusiastic AFTER a 15-hour shoot as when the day began! Professional, on-time and hard-working! I would welcome the opportunity to work in this production.

  9. Kristal Tinsler says:

    I applied for this last month, anyone know when they will send any info, or choose who will be cast?
    I have ad no luck in being an extra, I apply for everything in my area,and have no hits =(
    I don’t think I am doing anything wrong,just send the e-mail with my info as asked.
    For all of you who have been extras before….how long do they take to contact,and do they call or e-mail,or both? I have no clue what to expect!
    Thanks guys!!

  10. Sam McClary says:

    I am interested in any work you may have for me I stand 6’5 and have worked on Commercials i detroit and just wrappped on the independent Film “Locked in a Room”

    I can be contacted at the email address posted.

  11. DUANE AKA djiceman says:

    hey i wood love to be a part of this movies i love 1-and 2 and i no 3 will be good to djiceman.

  12. Aaron Prill says:

    Hello the name’s Aaron Prill, big fan of the franchise, would love to be a part of it. Wondering if it’s too late? Thanks for the opportunity

  13. David Banas says:

    Hey, I just watched Hostel 3 last night and thought it was great, very intense, delivered the goods, even the extras rocked, much better than the second film from the franchise. My question is: “Why did it not get released Theatrically?” Please email or post, or both.

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