Cast and Crew Needed for Short Horror/Slasher Film

Film Crew and Talent Needed for “PARKED” (updated)

Looking for cast and crew for the short horror/slasher film, “Parked”. Shoot date is a tentative late March, early April in the Grand Rapids area.

Available Crew Positions:

  • CAMERA OPERATOR: Must know how to use a camera and set up shots.
  • EDITOR: Must have editing software and have experience in editing films.
  • BOOM OPERATOR/SOUND RECORDER: Experience in sound recording a must.
  • PROPS./MAKEUP: Person will be in charge and responsible for all props on set. Also need someone who has some experience in basic makeup effects (blood, dirt, scratches, etc.).
  • LIGHTING CREW: Must have experience in lighting night shots in the horror/suspense tradition. Must have own lighting equipment and lights.
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Person needed to record a score for the short film. Must have some experience in this field.

NOTE: I prefer student filmmakers for this project, must have a valid student ID. (If not a student, no problem) But must live in or around the Grand Rapids area.

Available Roles:

  • BOBBY: (age 23) Bobby is in love with Jennifer and wants to propose to her. On their way to a party, Bobby decides to pull off the road and propose to Jennifer. Little does he know, he’s about to be thrown into a night of terror. Requirements for role. Must be physically in good shape. The role requires some physical stunt work.
  • JENNIFER: (Role has been cast) (age 20) Jennifer is a beautiful young woman. She is a virgin and is saving herself for the right one. She thought it was Bobby. Jennifer isn’t sure anymore. She recently got accepted to a college she applied for and now has to make a decision between love and her dreams. Requirement for role. Must be physically attractive. Jennifer is shy and reserved. The role will require some minor stunt work and requires the actress to be covered in blood.
  • WOMAN/VICTIM: (age 20’s) Attractive female stalked down and killed by the killer.
  • KILLER/FIGURE: (age unknown) The killer is a tall and imposing figure. The requirements for the role are, must be able to have a intimidating presence on screen. Must be over six feet tall and built.

NOTE: Actors interested in the roles must live in or around the Grand Rapids area.


This is a non paying project. However, payment may occur if budget allows. All actors will be recast in a feature length film based on the short, if and when it get’s produced. The short film will be submitted to film festivals in hopes of gaining investors for the feature. Full credit and a copy of the finished film will be given to all involved with the project. Food will be provided on set.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume and headshots (for talent) to Tristan at:

NOTE: Auditions will be via video. This is to make all things easier for actors and the production team. When applying for a role, please add the character in the subject line and if you are selected to do a video audition, you will receive a copy of the script to read and use for the audition. Submission deadline for talent is February 18, 2012. For crew it is March 1, 2012.

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