Horror Movie Casting Call (Traverse City, Michigan)

Traverse City Indie Film Auditions

We are getting close to shooting our horror film. We are low on cast so we are going to hold auditions for our movie.  There is no pay, but this is a great addition to your resume! 

Auditions are being held for the following roles.


  • Tyler (18-25)
  • Ben (19-30)
  • Good boy (6-10)
  • Max (18-35)
  • Killer (23-30)
  • Trishia (black) (smokes) (19-25)
  • Amy (16-25)
  • Good girl (6-10)
  • Evil girl (6-10)
  • Sarah (12-15)

Experience is NOT required!!!



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14 Responses to “Horror Movie Casting Call (Traverse City, Michigan)”

  1. Peter says:

    Hey my name’s Peter I would love to be in this movie search Peter M Jr on facebook and check me out. Send me more info on my email and I’ll come in for an interview thanks.

  2. Thomas Seffernick says:

    Is this a paid position?

  3. admin says:


    No. These are not paid positions.

  4. Soloman Watson says:

    Hey,my name is Soloman Watson and I am interested in your film. NO PAY!!! Is ok with me. I love to act and this is a passion. So when you will have auditions please let us know asap!

  5. Keith Hunter says:

    When is the casting for these roles?

  6. Marissa says:

    Is it too late to cast for Sarah?

  7. Amir Ray says:

    Hello my name is Amir and I’ve dreamed all my life to play in a horror film. I am a great actor. I mostly do small church plays. I want the part of tyler if it’s still open.

  8. Fernanda says:

    Hi, My Name is Fernanda I’m Going to be 12 On October 14, I’d like to be Sarah if the part is still open.I Act really good especially in horror movies sometimes when my friends come over since my birthday is On October we always pretend that were acting in a horror film. I made up this game called Haunted Basement.

  9. Cody Cain says:

    Hi,im 18 years old and im from Traverse City,Michigan.I have training in mma,and free-running.

  10. chelsea toussaint says:

    Hi, my name is Chelsea Toussaint, I am 15 years old and I am an African American, I am 5”7 and I also love to be on tv and I live around Orlando FL. I can dance, act and sing Recently I have submited my video to shake it up chicago make your mark and made good progress there. I would like to have a minor part on this movie you might put me on. It has always been a dream of mine to do something like this and also I would like to do it for family since we’ve been struggling through some rough times. So please keep an open mind. Thank you!<3

  11. Emily says:

    I would love to be in the movie. I could be Sarah. I am 13. If it isn’t to late email me!

  12. Rebecca pearson says:

    hi my name is rebecca and i would love to be a actress because i have alwaays wanted to be a actress i think i would be good although i have not been to acting school. i think i have some skills to be a actress which would be useful and a good start etc. i would love to be is the movie to.

  13. jenna ray says:

    hey! im jenna and since i was a baby i loved scary/horror films im so exited i want to be sarah i can act so i think i would fit the part ;)

  14. Elizabeth Anton says:

    My name is Elizabeth and I would love to play the part of Sarah, I don’t have much expirience but acting is my passion and dream. I would love to find out more and audition! My mom is a local actress, and I have been watching her since I was little and I just love it! Please let me know more information

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