Horror Film Short Needs Actors (Macomb, MI)

Looking for 1 female, 19 yrs to 25 yrs

Looking for two males, 19 yrs to 25 yrs

The auditions are for a short horror film, that will start filming mid sept into early oct. mostly on weekends.
This is not a student film. No pay until the film makes a profit, gain experience and a good film under your belt. food is provided for long shoots (most of them).

Please respond to the email listed below, send head shots, and other photos. Please include past experience (if applicable). When we receive all information we will contact you back. Please leave a email address and phone number.

For more information please contact: bigvic_4_2@hotmail.com

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4 Responses to “Horror Film Short Needs Actors (Macomb, MI)”

  1. Ta-Rion Roquemore says:

    Hello How are you I am interested in being involved in being part of the cast for the film. Please send me the information to be able to audition. Thank you

  2. Joel Symons says:

    Hello there. My name is Joel symons and I am looking for a crew position as a grip. I am a Chesterfield resident and would like some information on any opportunities. Thank you!

  3. jessica rowden says:

    hello.. My name is jessica rowden i was just seen if u need an Art P.A. to help on site i have experience work in toronto on commercials i think i would be great for your show.

    please contact me by email thanks for your time..

  4. Gabi says:

    hi my name is gabi.i would love to be in this movie a total dream come true if there is money involed i need it for my grandmas surgery plz plz help i need this audition:)

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