Horror Full Length Feature Film Crew and Casting Call (Royal Oak, MI)

Crew, Cast & Extras Needed!

Our next project has a chance at becoming very popular but, we are not going to post details on craigslist. Its a horror full length feature film and we need as much help as possible.

We need crew members, actors, extras, sfx and all kinds of music. Possible script supervisor and secretary. also were are having a demo drop (michigan music only) and are giving away four hours of recording time. So, hopefully we can build a team that loves what their doing, can work well together and have fun with it. No experience necessary.

Please respond via email to multimediamasterminds@gmail.com.

Look us up we are Multi Media Masterminds, Bagman records and Spitco records located at 2020 Bellaire Royal Oak MI, 48067.

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9 Responses to “Horror Full Length Feature Film Crew and Casting Call (Royal Oak, MI)”

  1. Walter Lee says:

    hi im walter Lee iam interested in your project as cast member and/or extra actor etc
    i have a lots of acting exp please call me 586 468 4726 email me walterlee01@hotmail.com as asap.

  2. Teaira Spearman says:

    I have some experience in the theater department….I’ve been in 4 plays and plenty dance shows.

  3. Ken Johnson says:

    I have theater experience, lead roles. call me direct at 313-729-7042.

  4. amal omar says:

    i am amal and i am 15 years old i wanted to act since i was like 6 , i can play alot of characters i am really good (not being big headed )im very confident and very energetic i get along with eveyone and i wont let use down ive been searching for auditions for like 3 months know cause they dont do that much in machester sadly , and if theres any in manchster please contact me as soon as possible p.s i would i really want to be in movies more than soaps but i’ll be really gratefull thank you

  5. Cindy Lindow says:

    Might be available as an extra depending on the date let me know. I am 55 caucasian.

  6. shandar snow says:

    hi my nanme is shandar and ive been looking to be an actress for a long time im 16 years old. and ive been in one play (wizard of oz) but im a really good actress.ive been asked to come back and do more plays i know that saying please wont change alot but im really interested in being apart of the acting world and i would love if you give me the oppurtunity to audition. thank you.

  7. Dan Verdict says:

    My name is Dan and I am interested in helping on your project. I desire to get into acting and I am willing to help on your film project. I hope you need a person like me I am 6 ft. 205lbs. I am very active. I hope I can assist in any way. I can be reached at (810-955-7283).

  8. Gaylee Rubin says:

    I am female, 50 plus. Interested in working on your film. 248-961-0381

  9. Ebony Williams says:

    Hello, I am doing a little research and I’m interested in being apart of your cast. I’m not sure if this offer is still available, but if it is I will love to audition. I enjoy doing what I do as far as exploring my acting career. I’m 25 year old african american female, with acting experience. I will like more information on this feature film if the opportunity is still open.
    Please do respond to inform me of any updates, or up and coming casting opportunities, if this position is no longer available.

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