“Horizontal Accidents” Casting Call for Film (Grand Rapids, MI)

Grand Valley Pictures presents

“Horizontal Accidents”
Screenplay by Tom Costello
Based on the short story by Michael Salisbury
Produced by Kim Roberts
Directed by Tom Seidman

Shooting July 19-31, 2010 in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

The shooting dates are tentatively scheduled for the last two weeks in July. The film will be shot in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area. Locations TBA. No monetary compensation. All participants will receive a DVD of the completed film and an invitation to the premiere and reception. Initial auditions will be held June 30 in downtown Grand Rapids, by invitation only.


A week in the life of the bargain-basement Adamac Funeral Home and the two modern-day grave robbers who work there: Boeve, the shady, charismatic assistant manager who talks the bereaved into burying their loved ones with precious (and pawn-able) mementos and Brandon, whose aimless life is shaken when a suicide jumper drops square onto his car. A dark, humorous tale of robbing the dead – and rejoining the living.

Available Roles:

Brandon (20-30)
A sweet, somewhat confused young man who has no idea what he’s doing with his life. As a result, he’s ended up as a part-time embalmer, corpse-dresser and general flunkey at Adamac who spends his nights on Boeve’s couch (and under his spell). But when a suicide jumper lands on his car, Brandon begins to awaken to life, with all its pain and longing, and finally stands up for himself. LEAD- Must be available for entire shoot period

Boeve (25-38)
Boeve’s the slick, charismatic assistant manager at Adamac, a smooth-talking ex-car salesman who talks the bereaved into burying their loves ones with their valuables – and then robs their graves. A seductive charmer and a total psychopath. He’s got Brandon firmly under his control, and any kind of resistance meets with Boeve’s instant and violent disapproval. LEAD- Must be available for entire shoot period

Johnson (40-65)
Johnson used to be a homeless derelict living on the streets, until the geniuses at Adamac decided they needed a minister and got him certified – on the Internet. Now he sets up the chairs for services and officiates at Adamac’s funerals, in between swiping dictionaries from the public library (and using them as bibles) and taking sips from his pocket flask. SUPPORTING (2-3 days)

Paige Turner (20-30)
The beautiful and grief-stricken daughter of John Turner, the suicide jumper. Paige is smart and sardonic, but her father’s death has frozen her emotions. It takes Brandon’s kindness (and his little white lies) to break through the ice and allow her to feel again. SUPPORTING (1 day)

Grandma Turner (60-80)
A sweet old woman whose slight case of dementia has her mistaking Brandon for an old family friend. FEATURED (1 day)

Biggie Burger Manager (30-40)
Normally full of good cheer, he becomes panicked about getting sued when a suicide jumper lands on a car in his restaurant’s parking lot. His solution: to bring the car’s owner a refill on his Biggie soda! FEATURED (1 day)

Biggie Burger Cashier (18-25)
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, she goes blank when anyone’s order gets beyond “two shakes and a large fry”. FEATURED (1 day)

Ms. Fiona Beach (30-40)
Attractive, working-class, and not thrilled to be dealing with (and paying for) the funeral of an uncle that she barely knew. FEATURED (1 day)

Fabio & Mario (20-50)
Two good-natured, hard-working undocumented immigrants who (literally) do the dirty work around Adamac – digging the graves and burying the caskets – until the INS catches up with them. FEATURED (1-2 days)


For more information or to be considered for an audition, please email head shot & resume to:
Greg Kort, Assistant Director, at: horizontal_accidents@hotmail.com

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