“Head of the House” Auditions for Stage Play (Detroit, MI)

Ten Twenty-Two Productions Presents the Stage Play “Head of the House”

Auditions will be held Saturday, May 8, 2010.

Looking for talented actors, singers, and dancers. Most acting parts require singing. Please send in a resume and headshot to be seriously considered. This is a closed audition, in order to receive location and time; you must send your info to this email: HeadoftheHouse2010@yahoo.com

Character Breakdowns:

Phil (Sings) – Man of the house, lost a high paying job. Been out of work for 6 months

Karen (Sings) – Phil’s Wife, Has been paying the bills the last few months with a new modeling career. Tired of taking care of a grown man

Jamal – Karen and Jamal’s son, scared his parents are on the verge of getting a divorce

Pastor Thomas (Sings) – Phil’s Dad and best friend. Always know what to say

Kim – Karen’s Mother, Speaks her mind to Karen even if it may hurt

Barbara – Karen’s model agent, cool and calm unless you get her started

Shani – Barbara’s assistant, always ready to fight, can’t stand Karen

Attorney 1(Male) – Phil’s divorce attorney, having marital problems himself

Attorney 2(Female) – Karen’s divorce attorney, thinks all men are dogs

Tyra – Karen’s best friend, always there to give advice


Pay will vary per role. All cast will also get a copy of the DVD.

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