Open Casting Call for Feature Film (Oak Park, MI)

HD Studios
21700 Wyoming- Oak Park, MI 48237

Only serious actors considered! You must have a headshot and bio! Prepare a 1-3 minute monologue.

Casting Call Date:
6pm – 9:30pm

Production Company:
Anthony Cuffie Enterpises, LLC

Music/Score Supervisor:
Wilmonie Page

Feature Film

Casting Director:
Brenda Perryman

Non Union

Shoot/Start Date:
Filming between 7/6/2009 – 7/25/2009


Project Description:
The romantic suspense-thriller “A Solemn Trance” is seeking actors of all ages and types.

This project (Anthony Cuffie, director/writer; Imari Childress, Director of Photography; Niambi Childress, Producer)

MAIN CHARACTERS (Availability during shooting schedule is a must)

Tranese Lambert (37-43 female)
1st lead actress: An assertive lady that thrives on success and is moving up the corporate ladder. She engulfs herself with her work to hide the pain she suffers stemming from her husband leaving her, then suddenly dying. She ends up having a one night stand with Tron; a night that changes her life forever.

Christopher Townes (32-38 male)
1st lead male: A mailman by day, producer and singer by night is the love interest of Tranese. He’s kind hearted and polite, but is seeking true love after being hurt by his ex fiancée, Janelle Stringer.

Janelle Stringer (31-33 female)
2nd Lead female: Very manipulative and outspoken. She’s used her beauty to get her way in life. After befriending Tranese, the truth about her character is revealed. This sets up a revenge tactic which can destroy Tranese.

Tron (22-24 male)
2nd male lead: A menacing –vindictive character that uses his looks to web women in his world of secrecy; he’s a down low brother.

Skylar Lambert (18 female)
Daughter of Tranese who’s the perfect child: good grades, thoughtful and respectful, yet curios and naive. Her curiosity gets the best of her when she falls into a relationship with Tron.

Mrs. Lambert (60-65)
Tranese Lambert’s former mother-in-law who is still devastated over the death of her son, continues to blame Tranese for his passing.

Monica (25)
She’s a victim, conquered by the evil deeds of Tron. She has only one vow in life to fulfill, and that’s killing Tron. Her life is consumed with this pain.

Nurse Nancy (50)
A very caring and loving nurse. Nancy is passionate and empathetic towards her patients.

We also have a few speaking roles for male/female-teenage actor. Extras are needed for party , mall, and club scenes, etc.

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