“Haunted Reflections” Auditions for Actors

Casting for Live Theatrical Halloween Event

Haunted Reflections

For our twentieth anniversary, the Marshall recreation department is presenting a haunted trail with three times the thrills! Haunted Reflections” is a live, theatrical Halloween event in Marshall, MI. Auditions are being held for a variety of speaking and non-speaking roles.

Shoot/Audition Details:

Auditions: Saturday, August 25 from 6-8:00
Blocking: Saturday, Sept 29 (times TBA)
Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, Oct 18
Performances: Oct 19, 20, 26, & 27

Marshall Recreation Department
900 S. Marshall
Marshall, MI 49068


The mysterious Collector is traveling through time and assembling a dangerous assortment of twenty objects – cursed items, magical talismans, futuristic technology, and more! With these all these items, The Collector could choose to rule the universe… or destroy it!

Standing in the way of The Collector is time-traveling pioneer Dr. Chronos, who will send our guests back in time on two dangerous missions to try to stop beat The Collector to obtaining the last two objects. One mission leads to the 1950s in the middle of an alien invasion. The other to 1712 to the heart of a supernatural pirate battle. A third mission leads to the future and a final confrontation with The Collector.

Our twentieth-anniversary haunted trail is a time-spanning adventure in which ghosts, vampires, skeletons, demons, aliens, pirates, and more all come together in our biggest, scariest, craziest story ever!

Available Roles:

  • Actors: A wide variety of both speaking and non-speaking roles for all ages and both genders.


None, unless you count shrieks of terror as compensation.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, just attend the audition on August 25th. Scripts are available by emailing: croberts@cityofmarshall.com

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