“Happily Me” Auditions & Casting for WSU Film (Detroit, MI)

Wayne State University Student Film

Auditons are being held for a WSU student film, “Happily Me”. Actors and actresses are needed who can portray the following roles.

Auditions Details:

Saturday, February 26th from 2pm – 6pm
Friday, March 4th from 6pm – 9pm

The Old Main Building (in the basement, room 134)
4841 Cass Ave.
Detoit, MI 48201


Happily Me is a story about an eighteen year old female (Sally Worth). During her last year in high school she battles with her father (Robert Worth), and his homophobia with homosexuality. He refuses to believe his daughter is a lesbian and pushes his catholic ideologies onto Sally. The tension builds when Sally meets Bobby, another girl in her high school, and starts dating. They go to see Rocky Horror Picture show and after the date, begin talking on Sally’s porch. When Robert sees Sally kissing another girl he interrupts and forces Sally into the house and threatens Bobby to leave Sally alone. Knowing that Sally’s father disapproves of them dating, they meet up at a coffee shop during school hours. Ironically Robert finds himself at the same coffee shop when his car breaks down and he is late for work. Robert cannot contain his anger and causes a scene in the middle of the coffee shop. Since Sally has a hard time dealing with her fathers abuse, she decides to run away to a hotel and meet Bobby. After a day, her father becomes worried and calls the police. He makes a police report stating the last time he has spoken to her and describes the last situation. The Officer finds Sally and Bobby at the hotel together and informs them of the missing report. They are taken to the station to be picked up by their parents. As they wait in the empty room Sally grows worried and scared. When Robert and Mr. Wilson arrive things do not get any better. Robert blames the whole situation on Bobby and claims he knows what is best for his daughter. Mr. Wilson and Robert in the heat of arguing, get aggressive. The officer has to intervene and lets Sally confront her father. Robert tells Sally to never come home and leaves the station in a rage. She later leaves her home with two packed duffel bags and Bobby by her side.

Available Roles:

  • Sally Worth: Sally is a senior in High School. She is eighteen years old and is considered a white Caucasian female. She is naturally beautiful and sometimes wears make up. Sally is out and open about her homosexual lifestyle. She is athletically built, muscular and tone, but not boyish. When looking at Sally you would assume she is quiet and shy. However, her personality is average and she tends to blend in. She talks when spoken to, but her opinions she tends to keep to herself. She never does anything wrong and has always maintained a 4.0 grade point average.
  • Bobby Wilson: Bobby is a senior in High School. She is eighteen years old and is loving every minute of it. Bobby is out and open about her homosexual lifestyle. She is average height for a woman and has a darker complexion. Ethnically Bobby is considered white Caucasian female, however, she is very tan and slim not making her look like your average white Caucasian. Bobby has a tom boy look about herself too. She is very sarcastic and outgoing. She likes to voice her thoughts, and doesn’t care about the outcome.
  • Robert Worth: Robert is a middle age white male.His face has an angry look upon it. Often he is never smiling. His eye brows are thick and dark, to match his hair. He has stained teeth and a bumpy face from the chain smoking and drinking he does. Not to mention heavy wrinkles and bags under the eyes. He is heavy and overweight. He has a larger stomach from the years of overindulging. This character is loud and opinionated. His views are the only views that matter.
  • Mr. Wilson: Mr. Wilson is an older looking man with a darker tan look to himself. He doesn’t look like it, but he is white Caucasian. Most people think he is from Mexico. He has ear length straight hair and often gels it back. He often wears dress clothes and dresses nicely. He is a man of God and a man of Faith. His personality is very calm and soothing. His voice is deep and his speech is rhythmic.
  • Auto Guy: The Auto Guy is an African American Male. He is tall and dark skinned. His hair is short and combed. He has dark eyes and grease stains on his hands and face. He wears black dickie pants and a read collared shirt. He has a lip ring on his lower lip that is sliver and hooped.
  • Waitress: The waitress is in her older twenty’s. She is ethnically Hispanic. She is married and wears a wedding ring on her left hand. Her religious background, Catholicism, forces her to wear a cross on her neck as to remind her everyday. She has three children and still carries some of her pregnancy weight.
  • Friend: The friend is a senior in high school. She has long hair and usually wears jeans and t-shirt. She is African American and often wears glasses. The friend is very scarastic and outgoing. She likes to joke around pull pranks on her buddies.
  • Officer: The officer is a tall male. He is very strong and muscular. He has a short military haircut and has a very assertive voice. Seen in his officer gear. He is very clean cut and shaved. He is of Italian decent and has a tan complexion.


These are not paid roles but actors will obtain a copy of the final DVD for a great portfolio piece and acting reel.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this film just attend one of the auditions above. If you have other questions please email them to: waynecastingcall@yahoo.com

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