“Hallowed End” Extras Casting Call in Michigan

Poison Apple Entertainment

Poison Apple Entertainment Extras Casting

We are currently seeking many extras, along with a few featured extras, for our upcoming film, “Hallowed End”. The filming date for extras is August 28th in the late evening and early morning.

You MUST come dressed in a Halloween costume (no ghosts please). Most will get “bloody”. Ages 18+ are welcome. This is a young 20’s crowd, so we do ask that if you are over the age of 30 to please disguise your age (face paint, mask, etc).

About Poison Apple Entertainment:

Poison Apple Entertainment is compiled by a group of filmmakers; Daniel D. Smith, David A. Espie, Mitchell Griffin, Nicole Truett, Dan Galeski Jr., and Adam Lang, most who have graduated from Lifton Institute of Media Skills. Our goal is to create the most original and unusual films, using local actors and crew.

How to Apply:

This casting is now closed.

NOTE: Please include your head shot and your resume too if possible. If we have previously received your information than you may just email us stating that you’d like to be an extra.

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  1. laurie says:

    Hello, I was just wondering if the “may get bloody” is washable blood. I live closeby and would like to participate, but would need to know the above answer before commiting.

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