Casting Call for TV Sitcom “GoFers” (Grand Rapids, MI)

“GoFers” Summary

GoFers is about the misadventures of an unconventional delivery service.

All roles require a headshot, resume and/or demo reel. You must designate your desired role in the subject line when applying.

All requests should be emailed to by April 9, 2010.


BILL- 30-40 years old. Caucasian male. Owner of GoFers delivery service, married to Trudy, Not a hunk but not bad looking. Endearing naive view of the world. Empathetic nature but slightly dependent from being brought up by maids and caretakers.

TRUDY – 30-35 years old, attractive Caucasian female. married to Bill, Hard-working, classy, self-assured and a tad manipulative. Highly skilled in fashion and sets trends. International Corporate Executive before quitting. Meets Bill and falls for his simple charm and the opportunity to hide in a small town with real, genuine people.

CLAIRE – 60’s (could pass for 50’s), Caucasian female. Somewhat of a prude, easily offended, and reacts harshly to anything crude/impolite. Worked her way up into a key position at GoFers. When the disorderly Bill took over the store, her world was thrown into chaos. Does everything she can to maintain “balance.” Worked for Bill’s father; knew Bill as a child and is a mother figure to him.

CLARK – 20’s, Asian male. Driver who doesn’t speak English well. Always well-dressed in inexpensive clothing. He only feels truly confident when he is working on a computer related project.

JUAN – 20-25 years old, Mexican American male. Narcissistic, brash, and unsophisticated. Dresses in what he thinks are cool clothes. Has a high school education but is driven by the thought that he will be Hollywood’s next leading man.

WINDSONG – 18-25 years old, African American female. Fashionable (hippie-chic) with ever-changing hair styles. Environmental/healthcare activist. Beat generation poet. Doesn’t have a clear picture of where she is going or why that might be important.



TURKEY FARMER Crusty, older, obviously works hard and has had a hard life. In the scene he is EXTREMLY nervous as he is trying to palm off one of the turkeys, (THE TURKINATOR) to be included in the group of turkeys to be delivered to a charity petting zoo.

TV Pilot Auditions – Grand Rapids, MI
Project Type – Episodic
Submission Type – Self-response
Location – Grand Rapids, MI
Release Date – n/a
Submission Deadline – April 5th, 2010
Shoot Dates – June 14th -24th
Casting Category – TV Pilot/TV Series
Market(s) – Grand Rapids, MI; West Michigan

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  1. Matthew Dennis says:


    My name is Matthew Dennis i am interested in reading for the part of Bill Butler. I think the character description fits right in the pocket of my range. I am pretty excited about the opportunity.

    I am more than happy to send you a resume and a head shot.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Matthew Dennis

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