“Godspell” Auditions for Spring Musical (Dearborn Heights, MI)

Dearborn Heights Civic Theatre Auditions

Dearborn Heights Civic Theatre Will be holding auditions for it’s spring musical, Godspell on Monday February 15 and Tuesday February 16. Both days begin at 7:00 PM. The structure of the musical is that of a series of parables, based on the Gospel of Matthew (though considerable material, such as the parables of the prodigal son and of the rich man and Lazarus, comes exclusively from the Gospel of Luke). These are then interspersed with a variety of modern music set primarily to lyrics from traditional hymns, with the passion of Christ treated briefly near the end of performance. The play is directed by Marc Walentowicz and Music Directed by Brian Londrow.

There are roles for 10 actors. All roles are open to men and women including Jesus. Please note that in the character description, once cast, the name of the character will change to that of the actor.

The Characters are as follows:

Jesus: Most charismatic individual in the cast. High energy, charming, funny, gentle but with strength. The sort others instinctively follow.

John The Baptist/Judas: Has attributes of both biblical figures. He is both Jesus’s lieutinant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. The most serious and intellectual of the group , though as with all actors, they must possess a good sense of physical comedy.

Jeffrey: Very high energy. Impish & playful

Lamar: Not the brightest of the bunch, they are a little slow on the uptake. But there is sweetness and innocence about them.

Herb: The comedian, the class clown. The person who can do a hundred voices and imitations.

Robin: A bit of a tomboy, but basically open and sweet.

Joanne: The confident one, the show off. The first one to volunteer, sometimes they jump in before they really understand whats going on.

Peggy: The shy one. Sometimes a little slow to get things, but when they do, they commit all the way. Has an “earth mother” kind of warmth to them.

Sonia: Sassy & slitly cynical, the most urban of the group. Also the “sexy” one, but their sexiness contains a large element of put-on, in the manner of Madonna or Mae West.

Gilmer: The other class clown. Goofy and a cut-up.

All roles appear on stage for the entire duration of the show.

Be prepared for several cold readings from the script, a small dance audition, and to sing something of your choice acappela. An accompanyist will also be available if desired (please bring proper sheet music). Pick a song that best showcases your vocal abilities. Auditions will be held at the Berwyn Center which is located at 26155 Richardson Dearborn Heights MI 48127.

If cast, rehearsals will take place on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. The dates of the show are April 16, 17, 23 & 24


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marc Walentowicz, the director, at marc@dhctstage.org or visit our website at www.dhctstage.org

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