Fusion Video Pictures Casting Call (Detroit, MI)

Based off of the rules of engagement in any popular horror movie.

This show will test the skills of real people in a horror movie setting.

The filming for this show will be impossible to win. the players have 1 hour to run from a bridge to 2 miles to an airport while evading zombies and runners all in under 1 hour and there can be only one player left at the end of the game or nobody wins. All you get to defend your self is 1 shot gun with 10 shots good luck.

The show is going to be shot in gross ile mi. We are shutting down over two and a half miles of rode, the free bridge, the airport and 19 Acers of farmland all to create a hostile zombie invaded land.

We Need:

6 Players
60 Zombies
Crew grips etc

Also looking for people with real physical amputated arms and legs for zombies.

We are taking auditions for zombies on Oct 28th
We are taking auditions for players on Oct 29th
We will see crew in November


Dylan Sides – PRODUCER 1-734-674-1032
Trista Brehm – CO PRODUCER1-734-626-4612
Jospeh Victor – DIRECTOR -586-651-7824

warehouse 20555 Northline Rd Taylor, MI

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