Funny, Smart Older Actress Wanted for Short Experimental Movie

Royal Oak Casting for Actress

I’m a writer looking for an actress to appear in an experimental short movie (one of several) I want to produce for the YouTube audience. I am also a photographer, have had a play produced, my books in print and my work has appeared in Detroit area newspapers and magazines.

Available Roles:

The ideal candidate should be a mature, attractive woman, 30-55, who ideally has some acting experience. Your great attitude and easy going personality should mirror mine and will make this a fun project to work on with me. We will shoot this largely in my home in Royal Oak (or yours if it happens to work out that way) with a few brief outdoor scenes.

There is no nudity, period. There will be some curse words, adult humor with simulated provocative situations made to the camera, but not with another person. You will need to be able to engage in some physical scenes (nothing that hurts or is too strenuous) that will include walking, posing as a model, running, being bound and gagged, staging pratfalls, driving and being able to make convincing expressions on your face to make the character seem believable. This is why if you have some acting experience or have ever aspired to act, you can relate to the character!

I’m looking for is someone who is easy going and can contribute creatively by putting her personality into the script. You should be able to rehearse a little bit before the production day and can appreciate a creative project such as this to have fun with the role and while putting a little bit of yourself into it.

About the Movie:

The movie is being shot on home-style camcorder but with great care in staging and lighting, so as not to look like something from America’s Funniest Home Videos. I hope to shoot it within the next 4-5 weeks.

The movie is about a woman who tells the story of her experience as an aspiring actress. It’s meant to be farcical, almost documentary-style and is infused with humor. Memorization is not mandatory (thank God for cue-cards) but you need to be comfortable in front of a camera. Much of it will be shot “interview-style” and is casually conversational, much like an episode of “The Office.” There are 2 other small roles in the movie, so if you have a girlfriend who may be interested in tagging along, GREAT! I will play the other “walk on” role of the male. Some of the script is “voice only”

Throughout the story the character describes in humors detail some of her auditions, actual roles in bad B movies (and worse) that she’s appeared and the sleazy producers behind them in her quest to become a legitimate actress. Sadly for her, she gets pigeon-holed and typecast as an actress who can only get gigs doing cheap movies (like this one in real life) and never seems to break thought to the next level without compromising her integrity. As bad as it all is, she keeps on trying. Maybe you can add to it from your own experience?


The compensation is nothing great and this is not something that’s going to pay your bills. It may give you a couple extra bucks for Christmas shopping, but that’s about it. I want to be honest about that now so you won’t feel cheated later.

How to Apply:

Please send an email telling me a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to work on this with me, along with a current photo. All responses will be recognized and if we “click” I will send you part of the script so you can see if this is a project for you or not. If there’s synergy, we can get to know each other by phone and eventually work together.


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