“Funky Town” Casting for Action/Comedy Film (Royal Oak, MI)

Illyrian Pride Productions

Casting actors for a local indie film to be shot in September/ October in the Metro Detroit area, mostly Royal Oak. The film is a comedy/ action film and the story resembles Roadhouse mixed with Midnight Run.

Available Roles:

  • African American Male from 30-45: Athletic build who can perform a light fight scene. The more muscular the better. Must have strong comic timing like a Chris Rock but carries himself like a Kwame Kilpatrick. Need a strong actor here! Great role!
  • Caucasian Male from 18-28: Skinny with a Eminen rapper look. This character is witty, a weasel/rate and a true hip-hop type.
  • Caucasian Female from 24-30: This is the lead female part and must be stunning visually but also a strong actess with experience in both comedy and drama in films. She has a very trusting side and a very evil side.
  • African American Male from 18-28: Cool and slick street dude who is an informant to the bad guys. He is similiar to a huggy bear from the old Starsky and Hutch series in the 70’s and walks and talks with a swagger. Must be experienced character film actor.
  • African American Female from 30-40: She is the mayor’s wife but she runs the show. This actress must have strong comic timing and a scene stealer. She is similiar to Florence from the Jeffersons with her quick and witty tongue yet she is classy and always on a mission.


Non-union and deferred pay.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume, headshots and reel to: jwheatley@strategicstaff.com

NOTE: Actors should have experience with at least 3-5 films with significant supporting to lead roles.

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