Full-length movie auditions – Missing Pieces (Birmingham)

Missing Pieces – Full Feature Movie

We are making a movie. It’s working title is Missing Pieces.

What if last night you went to sleep in your own bed and tomorrow you woke up in the middle of nowhere?

Unsuspecting victims, Maggie and Daylen wake up every day in new and desolate locations with a different task to complete. The tasks range from blowing up a car in the desert, to bowling in a vacant alley, to climbing a snow-covered mountain. After they finish each assignment they are knocked out and taken to a new location.

The couple must figure out how to get through each task, how to deal with the deserted locations, why they were kidnapped, who took them, how to satisfy or defeat their kidnapper, how the two could be related, and how to get home. All the while they come to terms with their internal issues and become closer as individuals.

As the unusual story takes place, the backstories of Maggie, Daylen, and David the kidnapper unfold as a multi-part narrative that culminates in the abducting of the couple.

Maggie is a struggling young adult who begins to realize the repercussions of her rebellious independence. After being fired from one of her two jobs, she deals with her newfound free time, money troubles, and social disconnect.

Daylen is a recent college graduate who’s trying to stand on his own two feet. He’s working at a “temporary” job he hates as a toll booth attendant while he struggles to find the right girl for him and maintain a relationship with his family.

David is an instantly likeable yet flawed deliveryman. A head trauma several years before left him with a curious condition that would make you question his misguided actions. What is it about his condition and life situation that pushes him to kidnap the two and put them through this series of bizarre, thrilling, and poignant tasks?

To audition, e-mail Casting@KentonBartlett.com. For more information visit the film’s website, www.KentonBartlett.com.

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