“Frontier Boys” Casting Call for Independent Feature Film (Charlevoix, Michigan)

Independent Feature Film – Casting Locals

Frontier Boys” is a faith-based independent feature film shooting mid-February to mid-March, 2010. The cast includes lead ensemble actors from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – among others. We still have a few “small but meaty” roles to fill and we are interested in including actors from the Northern Michigan community to play these parts!

Filming takes place mainly in Charlevoix, MI. There would be a modest gas stipend available and, of course, food/lodging while you are on-set. This film has distribution in place, so it will not be a straight to DVD production. The film will be seen in select theaters nationwide – meaning the real incentive to participate is credit on a feature film and the chance to be a part of a faith-based film project. We hope to mirror the success of such films as “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof”.



A key role we have yet to fill is “Reverend Lewis”. The film centers around the lives of four teen boys who are best friends. Rev. Lewis is the father of one of those boys (T.J.) who is the victim of a drive-by shooting. Rev. Lewis is a widower already and now must face the decision to keep his teenage son on life support or save another young life through organ donation. Rev. Lewis is a black man, mid-to-late forties, small town preacher, who is very warm and loving – but whose faith in God and humanity are tested through this ordeal. Looking for a serious actor who can bring the depth and complexity this role requires.


“Lois Fencett” is the mother of “Brent” and “Mike”. Brent is one of the four best friends that the film centers around. Mike, his older brother is a key player as well – he leads Brent into some bad company and the result is that T.J. ends up getting shot. Louis is a woman who loves her children, but is dealing with her own hurt and disappointment. She was the prom queen who married the basketball star – thought life would be a fairy tale. She and her husband had two sons and then her knight in shining armor split. There is a lot of brokenness to the Louis’ character. She self-medicates with alcohol (maybe, probably, prescription meds as well). Early in the film she misses her son’s basketball game because she was loaded and passed out. We need a woman in her late 30’s to early forties who can transform to look like a woman who’s lived hard and fast. Must give off the haunted air of a woman who was really something once…but now reeks of wasted potential.


The Sheriff needs to be a big, burly, bear of a man that nobody in their right might would be quick to tangle with…but inside – a teddy bear. When a good kid (Brent) gets himself into trouble and is in over his head, Sheriff McDonald could “throw the book” at the teen, but instead has the wisdom and compassion to realize that Brent is a kid in need of a second chance and redemption. The Sheriff comes across as gruff, but we need an actor who can also convey a sort of “John Goodman” affability when dealing with a young man in crisis.


“Earl” of Earl’s Transmission” – this actor can be anywhere from 35 to 95 years old. We need a real “character” actor who is comfortable in front of the camera and can bring an interesting interpretation to a role that is otherwise pretty straightforward. The teens need to hunt down a vehicle that Earl may or may not have sold a few years back. They show up at his store and he gives them a vehicle identification number, from which they continue their search. This is not an inherently “interesting” scene or character…but the right actor could turn this “bit part” into a real show stopper!


We need a beautiful young actress who could pass for a senior in high school. This character is the “prom queen” with an attitude. She is is dating an older guy (Mike Fencett) who is bad news and who graduated two or three years ahead of her. This actress must be comfortable riding on the back of a motorcycle and utterly fearless when it comes to giving her boyfriend, Mike, plenty of grief for ditching her. Also, has no reservations being stuck up and nasty to a nice guy who has a bit of a crush on her.


Another “bit” part that could use a great actor to bring it to life. Looking for a younger guy (mid 20’s). He’s a fresh face on the force; the young-blood that will most likely take Sheriff McDonald’s place as Sheriff someday. Needs to be comfortable in front of the camera.


Could be anywhere from mid 30’s to mid 50’s. Shows compassion and empathy to a group of boys who visits their best friend who is on life-support. Need a mature actress who is comfortable in front of the camera.

If you are interested in auditioning for one of these roles:

Please include:

1. HEADSHOT – BIO – REEL – LOCATION (Links to online acting videos, informal photos – all acceptable. Just don’t forget to mention your LOCATION!!!)

2. NAME OF THE CHARACTER you would like to audition for in the SUBJECT line

Send To:


Thank you for your interest in being involved with Frontier Boys!

We invite you to check out our promo trailer at:

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2 Responses to ““Frontier Boys” Casting Call for Independent Feature Film (Charlevoix, Michigan)”

  1. George Seder says:

    Looking to help out in some way…. An under five or featured extra would be acceptable.

    Thank You.

  2. Bruce Bennett says:

    I can think of a couple of actors who might be good for Reverend Lewis. I was in “Driving Miss Daisy” last year with James Bowen, and I thought of him immediately. He was just in “K2” at Performance Network in Ann Arbor. I can’t find my contact sheet from “Daisy” for his number, but the Network would have it. He’s a wonderful actor.

    Also, Rico Bruce Wade is an excellent actor. He was with Second City in Detroit for awhile, been a standup comic and has a website- you could google him.

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