Fragile Studio Productions “Wonderer” – Film Casting Update!

“Wonderer” Casting

We have finished the final draft of the script and word has been pasted for principle photography, we are underway with casting and have already filled three main roles and two featured parts. We would also like to announce that we have two japanese-based actors, who is also here in Michigan on a simular project, join our cast! We are so glad how small this world really is.

Wonderer is a indie feature film that we will be entered into the Toronto Int. Film Festival of 2011. For those who applied, we would like to thank you and we are sorting through them every hour of the day.

We are still looking for the following roles:

  • Honjo Yoshimitsu – (Strong Actor w/ background in Martial arts)
  • Yukio – (Cracky Actress with strong personalities of small comedy)
  • Mishima Goro – (Strong actor and great accent voice)
  • Tanaka – (Note: Must be 18 Years or Older to apply – Brief Nudity)
  • Yukimura – (Goofy and just a totally off the charts)
  • Yamaguchi Shiro – (Goofy and just a total idiot, Fat and out of shape)
  • Takeyoshi – (Strong Actor with a deep and strong voice)

We are also looking for asian fighters with sword background, we have Hideo Fujika and Toshishiro Obata on board to help instruct our fight scenes.


We are not casting extras at this moment, but submit yourself and we will put it aside for later when we will cast for extras, sending yourself in first will give you better chances. Extras are paid roles.


Paid roles, lodging and transportation is provided.

How to Apply:

We are only and will only accept video taped auditions reading a small monologue of the character’s part.¬†¬†Please note that ALL parts including featured and background will entirely be of Asian background (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, ext) and we are NOT looking for Child Actors at this time but we will at a later date.

Please send headshots and resume to:

Note: Please also indicate which role(s) you are applying for so we can prepare a monologue for you. Once you receive the monologue, please video tape yourself reading the lines (use someone else if needed) then send it or a link of it’s location to:

Please submit yourself or your group for a scene fight, this will be a taped audition, please tape yourselve or your group by using the fight scene we give you and send it to:

Note: Fight videos will be viewed and graded by Toshishiro Obata, please be careful and always plan for safety first before performing. (You may use what ever you need as swords)

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