“Forbidden and Unbreakable” Casting and Crew Call

Morality Pictures is Looking for Cast and Crew

Morality Pictures is casting actor and crew for the film, “Forbidden and Unbreakable”. Shooting is scheduled for early 2013 in the Romulus, MI area.


In the little, quaint town of Nwe Hope, a unusual couple must fight the town’s misconceptions and a diabolical madman to prove that they deserve to love each other.

Available Roles:


  • Sgt. James Brown: 30-50/M/Assistant to Commission Paulsen. Easily excited, dedicated, quick to make assumptions.
  • Judge Sandra Constantine Carlson: 40+/F/District judge of New Hope. Old-school, rigid, un-biased.
  • Dr. Bernard Eustace Greyson: 30-45/M/DNA remapping expert. Crazy, mentally unstable, skeptical, morally-void.
  • Allen Trenton: 20-25/M/Doctor Greyson’s first intern. Easily swayed, kind-hearted, humorous.
  • Cmr. Merlinda Kay Paulsen: 30+/F/Head police officer in New Hope. Strong-willed, obedient.
  • Winston Janis Royce: 18-26/M/lover of Bethany and Dr. Greyson’s dog-main creation. Loving, caring, compassionate, loyal, curious. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Bethany Anne-Marie DeGraw: 18-24/F/Lover of Winston, ex of Dylan, daughter of Anthony, Dr. Greyson’s hidden cat-girl. Highly-skeptical, unsure of herself, defensive, loyal. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Anthony Mario DeGraw: 35-50/M/Father of Bethany and New Hope’s premiere trial lawyer. Easily angered, stubborn, prejudice, protective. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Rachael Kristen Schubert: 18-22/F/Friend of Bethany and Chang. Peaceful, calm, open-minded, optimistic. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Chang Kimchi Lee: 18-24/M/Friend of Rachael and Bethany. Easily riled up, caring, defensive. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Albert Dellsol: 35+/M/Head librarian of New Hope’s public librarian. Perverted, reserved, quiet.
  • Dylan Ethan McCallister: 18-26/M/Ex of Bethany, current lover of Cheryl, and WwreWolf Murderer, All-American athlete. Uncaring, self-centered, two-faced, athletic. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Clarence Watkins: 18-26/M/friend of Dylan. Athletic, loud, follower. Need to know and sound ganster.
  • Manuel Rosa: 18-26/M/friend of Dylan. Athletic, sheepish, follower. Need to sound Latin-American.
  • Zachary James: 18-26/M/friend of Dylan. Athletic, follower, storyteller.
  • Cheryl Hutchinston: 18-24/F/New lover of Dylan. Sneaky, sexy, and seductive.
  • Freedom Justice DeGraw-Royce: 5-10/M/Bethany and Winston’s son. Inquisitive, curious, cute. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Miracle Miranda Royce-DeGraw: 5-10/F/Bethany and Winston’s daughter. Inquisitive, curious, cute. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • McHewitt the Shakespearean Monkey: 20+/M/the Great Manzinni circus’ attraction/monkey-human hybrid. Mean. Bitter, easily-angered. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Cheddar the World’s Tiniest Juggler: 15+/F/the Great Manzinni circus’ attraction/mouse or possum-human hybrid. Easily-scared, weak, caring, extremely loyal. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Grizzy Bearman the Cycling Bear: 20+/M/the Great Manzinni circus’ attraction/bear-human hybrid. Bossy, obedient, deadly. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Felicity: 20+/F/Gustafo circus attraction/leopard-human hybrid. Sexy, seductive, vengeful, bitter (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Krazy Kat or “Nutter Butter”: 16/M/Gustafo circus attraction/housecat-hybrid. Mentally-askew, loud. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Cameron: 20+/M/Gustafo circus attraction/tiger-hybrid. Blind, peaceful, cool, concerned. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • RN Paulene Caesar: 40+/F/Main nurse in New Hope Urgent Care Hospice. Calm, silent, well-informed.
  • Dr. W. Ho: 40+/M/Head doctor at New Hope Urgent Care Hospice. Knowledge, helpful, worries a lot.
  • Rev. Hal Green. 50+/M/Pastor at the church of New Hope. Unbiased, caring, respectful, caring, holy. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Ming Timonto: 30-45/M/Second and final intern of Doctor Greyson. Caring, easily-swayed, cowardly.
  • Draco McKenna: 30+/M/blind manager of Priority One Security (Winston’s employer). Appreciative, hard-working, go-getter, unabashed. (No allergies to pet dander, faux fur, all face paint, and latex)
  • Robert Young: 40+/M/Part of the Fab Three at Anthony’s law firm. Calm, level-headed, open-minded, risk-taker.
  • Victor Ramirez-Ortiz: 40+/M/Part of the Fab Three at Anthony’s law firm. Inquistive, level-headed to a degree, open-minded.
  • Jumana Vanderslüt: 40+/F/Part of the Fab Three at Anthony’s law firm. Strong-willed, easily angered, confrontational, cautious.
  • Atty. J. Smith: 30+/F/Intern Allen’s lawyer and part of Anthony’s law firm.


  • Techie – B. N. Bytes: 20-30/Main guy in the New Hope’s Police Department’s technology team, oversees AV
  • S.W.A.T Leader – J. Storm: 40-50/Leader of New Hope’s Tactile Armed team or SWAT
  • Animal Control – A. Pound: 20-40/The dogcatcher who get Winston (and Bethany) from Dr. Greyson’s laboratory
  • Evil Pound Attendant – D. Muester: 30-45/fearsome person in charge of the animals at the pound, usually stays in the back
  • Kind Pound Attendant – T. Loveitt: 20-40/somewhat aloof person in charge of the front desk duties at the pound
  • Mother – S. Heath: 40-50/nurturing mother of Son
  • Son – G. Heath: 3-10/Worried son of Mother
  • Random Park Girl: 15-25
  • Random Park Boy: 15-25
  • Barkeep – Tony Martini: 40-60/Owner of the tavern the Dylan visit often an d a second father to Dylan
  • The Great Manzinni – Viviano Manzinni: 30-50/husky ringmaster of the Manzinni circus and owner of Hewitt, Cheddar, and Bearman
  • Audience Member: 15-30/Rowdy member of the Manzinni circus
  • News Reporter – Grace Anchorson: 30-45/Main interview and correspondent in all the newscast
  • Mistaken Woman: 18-24/Woman who Winston mistakenly identifies as Bethany and gets maced
  • Main Drunkard: 21+/Main person who beats Winston just because
  • Sub Drunkard: 21+/Timid lookout of Main Drunkard
  • Blind Street Performer: 18+/Street corner performer
  • Store Clerk: 15-21/Stops the street circus for in front of his manager’s store
  • Receptionist – M. Files: 18-30/Major receptionist throughout the film
  • Psychologist – Dr. Seth Quakers: 40+/Intern Allen’s therapist
  • EMT: 20+/Part of the EMS crew that responds to emergencies
  • Clerk: 16+
  • Prison Guard Ralph: 30+/Main person who guards prison, moreover Winston
  • Bailiff Jones – Grant Jones: 40-55/Announces the judge’s entrance and exit of the courtroom
  • Gustafo – Gustafo Bigerson: 18-25/Slender circus owner who overruns the Manzinni circus
  • Purse Snatcher: 20-30
  • Purse Snatcher’s Victim: 18-25
  • Hostess Tammy: 20-40/Hostess at the diner that Intern Allen frequents
  • Cook: 30-45/Cook at the diner that Intern Allen frequents
  • Bus Rider: 40-60/Must own a well-trained dog
  • Raver: 15-25
  • Club Barkeep: 30-40/Barkeep at rave club
  • Hot Chick: 18-25/Girl Dylan hits on in the heat of an argument with Bethany
  • Asylum Guard: 30-50
  • Computer: Just the voice of the computer system, like Microsoft Sally
  • Margaret: 18-35/Receptionist of the Pastor’s Church
  • Bass Choir Member: 15+
  • Soprano Choir Member: 15+
  • Mrs. Stockett – Janice Stockett: 30+/Mr. Dellsol’s replacement as Head Library
  • Radio Talk Show Host: 21+/Late Night Love Songs that play as Dylan gives Winston a ride
  • Police Officer 1 – K. Law: 30+
  • Police Officer 2 – T. Berretta: 30+
  • Burly Offender – D. Hugh: 35+
  • Holding Cell Guard – V. Guardsdale: 20+
  • Whimpy Offender – P. Langley: 30+
  • Jogger – U. Fit: 18-24
  • Manager – N. Wellington: 30-50/Manager of restaurant where Winston takes Bethany on their date
  • Maintenance Lady – G. Esparza: 25-50
  • Chaperon – Q. Pine: 30+
  • Abagail – Abagail Wheels: 18-25/Handicapped date of Chang to the prom party
  • Student – M. Bookerton: 18+/Slightly off-tune singer at the prom
  • DJ Smooth Beats: 18+/Musical entertainer of the prom party
  • Principal – Prof. L. Ernad: 40+
  • Rookie – E. Greehorn: 20-30
  • Trash Collector – E. W. Reeks: 30+
  • 911 Dispatcher – Y. Helpington: 18-30
  • Groundskeeper – M. Cleaner: 50+
  • Newspaper Editor – Z. Scoops: 30-40
  • Sketch Artist – P. Graphite: 20-35
  • Server – D. Host: 18-25
  • News Intern – M. Ready: 18-25
  • Bystander – A. Witness: 20-40
  • Traffic Cop – Lt. R. Y. Greene: 35+
  • Game Attendant – N. Parcheesie: 14+
  • Warden – J. Aile: 30-60
  • CutThroat: 20-50
  • Mailman – G. Parcell: 30+
  • Secretary – I. Paper: 18+
  • Bus Driver – W. Wheeler: 30+
  • MC – G. Hype: 25+
  • Orderly – Dr. N. Jobs: 30+
  • Court Typist – V. Ribbons: 20-50
  • Jury Foreman – F. Leads: 18+
  • Hotel Manager – M. O. Tell: 30-50
  • Page – R. Help: 18-22
  • Host – Freeman Today: 30+
  • Cashier – L. Cash: 40+
  • Neighboring Tenant – C. Neighbors: 30+
  • Hotel Attendent – K. C. Urge: 25+
  • Prison Guard Franklin – Franklin Watchen: 30+
  • Lab Tech – J. Bunson: 40+
  • Undertaker – N. Grim: 35+
  • Deaf Lunch Aide – R. Weise: 20+
  • Agent James – Agt. James Once: 35+
  • Live-In Nurse – RN A. There: 45+
  • Mayor – T. Zambonni: 50+
  • Security Guard – D. Guy: 20+
  • Newspaper Boy – B. Preston: 15+


  • EMS Crew (2): Emergency responders who help EMT
  • Funeral Attendants (16): People who attend Winston and Anthony’s funerals
  • Prison Guards (2): Assist in the transport of Winston to the interrogation room and “the Chair”
  • Passer-Bys (15): Group of people who live in New Hope
  • Gawkers (15): Stop-and-starrers of New Hope’s population
  • Surgeons and Interns (6): Those in hospital helping true to save Winston’s life as well as deliver Bethany’s baby
  • Raving Crowd (10): Crowd of the dancers at the rave
  • Employees (4): Workers at the restaurant for Winston and Bethany’s date
  • Party Guests (20+): Students who attend the prom party
  • Sports Team (4): The front-men of Dylan, Clarence, Zachary, and Manuel’s team (sports is determined by the season)
  • Customers (6): People at the store that are spooked by Bearman
  • Media Posse (4): News outlets that report on all news, includes News Reporter
  • S.W.A.T Team (8): The New Hope Police Department’s tactile team (S.W.A.T.), led by S.W.A.T. Leader
  • Patrons (8): People in the library, doing library things
  • Police Squad (7): Police force behind Sargent Brown and Commissioner Paulsen
  • Carnival Security Guards (4): Security guards at the New Hope Fun Fair
  • Carnival Crowd (10+): Customers at the New Hope Fun Fair
  • Cellmates (2): Winston’s cellmates, may include CutThroat, before solitary confinment
  • Courtroom Crowd (20): Blend of Passer-Bys, Gawkers, Media Posse, and Jury
  • Jury (11): The people who oversee the Winston case
  • Fab Three (3): Collective name of Vanderslüt, Young, and Ramirez-Ortiz
  • Supporters (20): Attenders to the “Give Him A Chance” rally for Winston.
  • Firm (5): Collective name for Anthony’s co-workers, both reception and lawyers
  • Asylum Patients (10): People who live with Winston as he is in the New Hope Psychiatric Center
  • Death Watchers (15): Blend of Media Posse, Passer-Bys, Gawkers, Intern Timonto, Anthony, and Commissioner Paulsen

Available Crew Positions:

  • Video Editor: Person in charge of piecing together the movie
  • Script Editor: Person who reviews the script
  • Cover Artwork
  • On-Set Artwork
  • Music Director
  • DJ Provider
  • Soundtrack Manager: Person in charge of creating and organizing the soundtrack
  • Script Program
  • Director of Photography: Oversees the cinematic beauty of the film
  • Main Cameraman
  • Cameraman Assistants
  • DVD Duplication Services
  • Script Copiers
  • Music Used In the Film
  • On-Set Sound Effects Coordinator
  • Foley Artists: In charge of the ambient sounds in the movie
  • Visual Effects (On-Set)
  • Visual Effects (Post-Pro)
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • “Thank You” List
  • Story By
  • Fundraisers
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Hairdressers
  • Costume Supplier
  • Location Scout
  • Location Provider
  • Casting Director: Assists in finding the perfect talent
  • Executive Producer
  • Assistant Producer
  • AV Logger: In charge of logging and maintaining the SD cards
  • Advertisement
  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Legal Advisor
  • Law Officers
  • Fact Checker
  • Time Keeper
  • Clapboard Operator
  • Prop Master: Watches and logs all the props
  • Weapon Manager
  • Costume Supervisor
  • Animatronics
  • Key Grip: Oversees the lighting of the film
  • Best Boy (Grip): Assistant to Key Grip
  • Gaffer: Oversees electronics, works with Grip team
  • Best Boy (Gaffer): Assistant to Gaffer
  • Continuity Expert
  • Sound Stage Provider
  • Dialogue Editor: Works with the people during the soundstage periods
  • Catering
  • Medics
  • Composer: People who make the soundtrack


These are not paid roles. You will receive a DVD w/ sountrack, hardcopy of script, choice of T-Shirt, bumper sticker, or movie poster, an invite to the dinner/premiere party and food and drink on set.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and headshot (for talent) to: moralitypix@mail.com

NOTE: Please include the role or position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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  1. Peter Sonnberg says:

    I am very versatile snf can place anything. Lets talk. Feel free to contact me: psonnberg1@gmail.com

  2. Justin Hill says:

    Hello. My name is Justin Hill and I would like to be considered for the role of Winston Janis Royce. I will email you my head shot and resume now. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Alexander Link says:

    I am Alex Link,I’m 16 and have an interest in portraying Krazy Kat.Also, I would be more than happy to fill another role, if you would like me to. I will send you an email with a resume and a headshot. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. Rose Anne Nepa says:

    I have sent in a resume and look forward to hearing from you . Thanks so much.

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