“Forbidden and Unbreakable” Looking for Cast & Crew

Online Auditions for Cast & Crew

“Forbidden and Unbreakable” is in need of cast and crew. Shooting is scheduled for June 2013 to June 2014 in various Metro Detroit locations. Auditions are being held online until December 31, 2012.


In the town of New Hope, there is something brewing in the sleepy town. A scientist named Brian E. Greyson is creating a creature which no one has deemed possible. As he puts the final touches on his labor, his lab is raided and the creature is let loose on the world. Forward about two months, the creature, now known by his scientfic name, HC 2.05, has joined up with some previus rejects from the Great Manzinni circus’ sideshow. They survive on their old art of entertaining people and the usual mischief. It’s here that the creature meets his love interest. She is Bethany Anne-Marie DeGraw, the daughter of the local attorney (Anthony DeGraw) of a powerful law firm, VYR Law. After this initial encounter, their lives will be forever intertwined. But, Bethany has a secret, more deadly than the boyfriend she has as she sees HC2.05. She is one of Dr. Greyson earlier, more successful experimentions. She has been trying to hide from that part of her past for the longest of time. She realizes in order for her to love her true love unconditionally, she must love herself first. HC2.05 (later on known as Winston Janis Royce) will help her do just that and in doing so uncover their true feelings for each other that, by it’s very nature, is Forbidden and Unbreakable.

Available Roles & Crew Positions:

  • For a list of available roles and crew positions view the PDF


DVD with CD soundtrack, script, supplied to you at rehearsals, dinner party and meals during shoots. Optional: Photo of Cast and Crew, T-Shirt, Hat and Movie Poster

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.

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