“For the Love of Money” Casting Call for Indie Film

Audition for Actors, Actresses, Musicians and Models

Legacy Entertainment Media Group, an independent film group, seeking actors for the film, “For the Love of Money”. The movie will begin filming in mid January. Open auditions will be held in Southfield, MI on a first come first serve basis.


A gritty urban tell about drugs, money and redemption. The story follows Tequila as he attempts to sever ties with the criminal underworld. But on his journey he is forced to complete one more job that could potentially change his life for the better, or seal his fate. Along this road to redemption Tequila encounters some of the city’s most dangerous men, whose greed will lead to all out war on the streets.

Audition Details:

Friday December 28th, 2012 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday December 29th, 2012 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

17348 W. 12 Mile
Suite 202
Southfield, MI 48076

Available Roles:

  • TEQUILA: (African American Male. Mid 20’s to Early 30’s) Leader of a Detroit gang who has gotten in too deep with a local Mexican gang. After the unsolved murder of his cousin, he becomes more introspective on his own life & decides to leave the underworld. But before he can do that, he must help the Mexican gang rip off a Middle Eastern drug shipment to pay off a debt & have enough money to make a run for it. (Very cautious, almost fidgety. He’s uncomfortable as a gangster, and we see him in numerous situations where he must put up a façade of killer, so people will not question his authority.)
  • THE PACKAGE: (Middle Eastern Male. Late 20’s to Mid 30’s) A Middle Eastern chemist who was sent to America to chemically improve the quality of drugs on the east coast of the US. His destination is New York, but because of security measures at JFK airport; he flies in to Detroit to meet a convoy that will drive him to NYC. But when his convoy decides to double cross him, he must fight for his life. (Quiet, patient, extremely observant. He pretends to know less than what he does.)
  • LT. BAUER: (Caucasian Male. Late 30’s to Early 50’s) A hard boiled narcotics detective whose unorthodox policing methods have recently caught up with him. After numerous failed attempts to bring down the local Mexican gang utilizing undercover officers, he deploys a series of raids on their drug houses to weaken their foundation. (Divorced, beaten down. He is extremely sarcastic, off putting, talks down to a lot of people & generally an asshole. Somewhere along the line he lost his way.)
  • STYLES: (African American Male. Early 30’s to Early 40’s) Cousin of Tequila, mid-level drug dealer in his own right. Entrepreneur who invests in other legit businesses such as car washes & barbershops as a way to clean up drug money. (Flamboyant, ambitious, charismatic, playboy. He’s the total opposite of Tequila.)
  • NITTY: (African American Male. Mid 20’s to Early 30’s) Second in command over Tequila’s gang. He often questions Tequila’s passiveness & loyalty to the Mexican gang who cheats them out of money. This causes a division in their gang. When Nitty finds out about the Mexican’s plot to rip off the Middle Eastern’s drug shipment, he devises his own scheme to rip off the Mexicans without Tequila’s permission. (Callous, Jealous, Grumpy. He often acts with bravado to impress people & provide a false sense of security for his fragile emotions.)
  • MANNY: (African American Male. Mid 20’s to Early 30’s) Leader of a local gang of thieves, who were recently hired to rob the drug houses of the Mexican gang. He has grown out of the life of crime. He’s pulling together these various strings of robberies to make enough money so he can retire. (Charismatic, intelligent, tactful, militant.)
  • ISABELLA: (African American/Bi Racial Female. Early to Mid-20’s) A dancer at one of the local clubs Tequila’s crew owns. She is Tequila’s girlfriend, the love of Manny’s life, and the object of Nitti’s affection. Each man wants Isabella to run away with them. She is in love with them all. This love “triangle” will complicate the relations of all parties involved, as a result causing dire consequences. But at the end of the day her own self-preservation trumps any feelings she has for them. (Smart, Ambitious, Realist.)
  • NESS: Any Race. Male. Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s) Assassin hired to murder Manny’s crew. (Self-proclaimed movie buff, sarcastic, funny)
  • MALONE: (Any Race. Male. Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s) Assassin hired to murder Manny’s crew. Exactly like his partner Ness, yet they constantly debate over everything. (Self-proclaimed movie buff, sarcastic.)
  • VITO: (African American Male. Mid 20’s to Early 30’s) Apart of Manny’s gang. (Loyal, Charismatic)
  • PONY: (African American Male. Mid 20’s to Early 30’s) Apart of Manny’s gang. (Hot head, Gung Ho)
  • COUNTRY: (African American Male. Mid 20’s to Early 30’s) Apart of Manny’s gang.
  • REECE: (African American Male. Early 20’s to Early 30’s) Apart of Tequila’s gang.
  • SOSA: (African American Male. Early 20’s to Early 30’s) Apart of Tequila’s gang. He runs a lot of the legitimate business.
  • SANTANA: (Latin American male. Early to Mid-20’s) A local thug apart of the Mexican Gang who is trying make a name for himself. He comes up with a scheme to steal a shipment of Middle Eastern drugs. (A young, foolish, pretentious drug dealer. Like Nitti, he uses his bravado to make up for his lack of moral worth.)
  • ESCO: (Latin American male. Early to Mid-20’s) SANTANA’s right hand man. He’s the epitome of a Yes Man & 2 bit criminal.
  • HASAN: (Middle Eastern Male. Early to Late 20’s) Nephew of one of the Middle Eastern gang bosses, and in charge of the convoy to get “The Package” from Detroit to New York, however he is fed up with having to do the dirty work for the Middle Eastern Gang Bosses overseas. Like Santana, he calculates a plan to rip off the new drug shipment as well. (Calculated, Clever, Meticulous)
  • ALI: (Middle Eastern Male. Early to Late 20’s) Hasan’s right hand man. He has a mole working inside the Mexican gang, that he uses as a pawn to stop their efforts. (Ostentatious, foolish, wannabe)
  • MR. DEPALMA: (Any Race Female. Late 30’s to Mid 40’s) Works for Internal Affairs; assigned to investigate Lt. Bauer. (Stern, Cunning, Unrelenting)
  • MR. RIDLEY: (Any Race Male. Early 30’s to Mid 40’s) DePalma’s partner.
  • SPECIAL AGENT SIMMONS: (Any Race Female – Early 20’s to Mid 30’s) Works for the FBI who are investigating the Middle Eastern Gang.
  • SPECIAL AGENT CARTER: (Any Race Male – Mid 40’s to Late 60’s) Special Agent Simmons Partner.
  • MIAMI: Any Race Female. Early 20’s to Early 30’s) Isabella’s best friend. (loyal, supportive, fool for love.)


These are non paid roles. Food and IMDB credit will be provided

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, just attend the audition on either day. To expedite audition process it is encouraged to email pictures and online demo reels to: fortheloveofmoneymovie@gmail.com

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    I looking to play the role of Pony
    Im a hot head so I can make it look real

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