“Finding A Place Where Love Hides” Theatre Auditions – (Southfield, Michigan)

Our winter 2010 play is:  “Finding A Place Where Love Hides.”

It deals with the struggles of women and the men in the 1920’s(bearing children, love, abuse, race and trust.) and how faith is the only thing that can carry them through. It has a dramatic feel with a comedic undertone.

Audition Info:

Date:  December 6th, 2009
  Southfield Marriott Hotel @ 27033 N.W. Highway Southfield, MI 48033
Time:  From 3:30-7:00.
Please email us for a time slot, please include a characters name and what time will work best.
All slots are in 5 minute increments.( EX: 3:30-3:35)

For more information email us at: shiiproductions@shiiproduction.com


Bertha- Age range:60s, African American
Hattie Mae- Age range: late teens- early 20s, African American
Sallie Mae- Age range- early 20s to late 20s, African American
Betty Lou- Age range-mid- late 40s, African American.
Sarah- Age range late 20s-early 30s, any ethnicity but must pass for Caucasian
Josephine- Age range: late 40s-mid 50s, African American
Amos-Age range: mid 40s-late 50s, African American. Please be advised this characters uses profanity.
Big Oatha-Age range:60s, African American
Henry- Age range: early -Mid 20s, African American
Thomas-Age range: 40s, any ethnicity
Cartwright-Age range:early-late 30s
Richard- Late 30s-early 40s Caucasian. Please be advised this charact

We have many projects in the works so we encourage all ethnicities to audition.
Adults age ranges: 18-65
Children age ranges: 7-17

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  1. Hi, This is Marcel Im a very talented individual who will be auditioning for the part of Henry

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