Short Film Casting Call for Grizzdance Film Festival (Rochester, MI)

College Age Male & Female Actors Casting

Oakland University Casting Calls

Greg Bastien and I are film students of Oakland University looking for college age males and females to play in our short film. This film will be entered in the Grizzdance Film Festival at Oakland University. Last year we were fortunate to have Mike Manasseri director of Babysitter Wanted host Grizzdance. He also provided a workshop at Oakland talking about the making of his film. This year there is supposed to be another big name hosting.

The short will be shot mostly on the weekends in October in various locations around Rochester, Michigan. We will try to work around schedules but can’t promise anything. The audition will be held Friday, October 1st from 4pm – 7pm.

Available Roles:

  • Jen – (LEAD) College student, Open spirit. Naive, smart, Dating two guys and is totally fine with being in an open relationship. (ALREADY CAST)
  • Tom – (LEAD) Early to mid 20’s: “teddy bear” warm looking, loveable high school sweetheart. Boyfriend #1. has some facial hair/stubble, has been dating Jen since high school. Cute couple, Tom and Jen still keep their Prom picture in their wallets. Tom is more laid back, relaxed and cares deeply for Jen. Tom lives in Jen’s hometown far away from the college she attends.
  • Emma – (SUPPORTING) early 20’s Jen’s roommate who is a lesbian. More reserved, conservative. the voice of reason. Is a good friend to Jen but doesn’t agree with Jen’s decision to date two guys.
  • Bunny – (SUPPORTING) early 20’s, attractive, cute but not drop-dead gorgeous
  • Will – (SUPPORTING) Early to mid 20’s: College Student, Boyfriend #2. Will is good looking and dresses nice. Real smoothtalker, confident, suave, and decently wealthy. Clean shaven. He represents more of a risk-taker in Jen’s life. He goes to the same college as Jen.
  • Extras


These roles are non-paid but we can guarantee you a copy of the finished short film for your reel. We hope to enter this film into other film festivals after Grizzdance and this film has the possibility of gaining an IMDB credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested please email with the subject line stating the character you wish to try out for. Also provide a headshot, resume if applicable and I will respond with the location of the auditions. We are looking for extras for a few scenes, if interested please email back with the subject line reading: EXTRA


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